Near the beach, a lady could be spotted singing happily. Her name was Rose. She was a very beautiful lady. Her mother was dead and therefore, she loved with her stepmother who treated her like trash. She lived in the basement with her pet dog. She wears rags with a very good voice for singing. People loved her despite her appearance, because of the angelic voice she had. People tried helping her severally, but her stepmother was believed to be a witch. She would change their minds and make them see Rose as an ugly and useless thing.

Rose always believed that she would be out of the hell soon. But, who would help her out? She spent most of her time near the beach singing and dancing happily because, that was the only place her mind seemed to be at rest. An old woman would always sneak up on her and watch ner sing and dance. The old woman would always watch Rose sing. Due to her angelic voice, the old woman named Benita, would call her little daughter Elizabeth to watch Rose also. They loved her voice and always wished to have her close to them. Benita worked in a mansion as the housekeeper and supervisor to other maids. Sometimes she would wish Rose was working there, or perhaps, the wife of Xander.

Xander was the son of a rich business tycoon, he owns the mansion Benita worked in. He was called master because, of his position. He was a kind, gentle and handsome man. He was walking around the house and noticed Benita sneaking out of the mansion with her daughter Elizabeth. He traced them up till he got to the beach, and saw them watching someone from afar. He also decided to watch and saw them watching a lady with an angelic voice singing and dancing. She was beautiful but, dressed in rags, which confused him a lot. A lady like that should be a princess or way more than that. He overheard Benita saying,"I wish she works for Xander or perhaps she could get married to him. But her wicked stepmother would not agree unless we buy her".

Xander thought of that as a good idea and later I the evening, he asked Benita to get him a new maid with good qualities. He would give any amount as long as she is worth it. Benita approached Rose's stepmother and asked for the price of which she would sell Rose to her. She mentioned a large amount of money and Benita gave it to her immediately. Rose followed Benita to the mansion, she was taken aback by the huge mansion in front of her. The house was so big and beautiful.

Xander saw the same lady and he fell in love with her at first sight. Rose had asked of how the master of the house is, and Benita told her how kind, gentle and handsome he was. Rose had faith that she won't be treated like trash again and therefore, would love to be there. Rose worked as Xander's personal maid and between no time, there was a chemistry between the both of them. Benita was happy for them and reminded Rose that,"all these while, I have been watching you closely and saw that you had faith in leaving that hell. Rose was happy that someone had actually been watching her all these while and thanked the old woman who only replied,"WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY".