HIQS Commentary-Discount-Sale (2/4) July 2022



The following users have ordered HIQS in the comments of @hiq.redaktion. The distribution and costs are as follows:

Userasked HIQSHIQS to receiveQuantity in SWAP.HIVEpayed

At July 10rd '22, 1:47 am UTC+2 the snapshot was taken.

Please send us the appropriate amount of SWAP.HIVE to @hiq within 48 hours and we will transfer the HIQS to you quickly.

This would end the discount sale 2/4, which took place at the price of 0.35 SWAP.HIVE. The next discount sale at the price of 0.4 SWAP.HIVE will take place on July 14th '22 in the comment section of the @hiq.redaktion post. There, you will also be able to use the command

!HIQS HereYourWantedQuantity

to get up to 180 HIQS. The HiQ-Smart-Bot automatically determines the asks. You can find out how we divide the asks if more than 180 HIQS are ordered in HiQ №17. (Editor's note: In the article "Take notes - About Diesel Pools, FOMO and our new own Token - HIQS" under the subheading "1. buy in the comments".)

The sales of HIQS via comments are intended to allow only genuine HiQ supporters to buy at a discount. In cases of abuse, we reserve the right to exclude users from purchasing.

If the users listed above do not complete their purchase within 48 hours, we will place their and the unsold HIQS in the range of the pool price onto the Hive-Engine market.

You don't want to miss any discount sales in the future? Then subscribe to HiQ. This way you will get a mention for every issue of the HiQ as well as for the editorial meeting posts where the discount sales take place. In addition, you can now even get the HiQ Subscriber Badge.

So if you are not a subscriber yet, just write:


in the comments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.


Your HiQ Shares Team.