Please help Elon to found what Hive can offer on Free Speech


Our very own @nathanmars (the Hive's man from the future) just come back to promoting Hive again on Twitter which is pretty exciting. Nathan has done many good things in the community, I wasn't very active on Twitter marketing before, not only because of Nathan's perseverance that inspired many of us.

In the latest tweet of Nathan, he tagged elonmusk on the topic of the Free Speech value that made him buy Twitter, I will encourage our community to share, like, and interact with this tweet by Nathan because of the tags he used. It is good that this tweet has already reached 25 likes and 7 retweets as of writing this post. Maybe we can make it more if we will work together on engaging on this tweet.

This is my reply under the tweet


If you are not aware of what we are doing here, please check this post

We love you guys