#3StepsNoExcuses Day 1: Ready-To-Halt Brings Up The Rear!



I just checked Eastern Time and I see it's already gone 2am on 16th March and I'm only just finishing off Day 1 of the #3StepsNoExcuses Challenge!

Here's what I did on Day 1...

The first thing I did was to listen to Crypto Mondays live on Facebook. It was there that @jongolson coined the word #bufoolery which @robwillmann picked up and shared on Noise.Cash.

So the second thing I did was to share Rob's post on my NoiseCash profile @ https://noise.cash/u/hirohurl

Then I made a couple more 3Steps-related posts on NoiseCash.

After that I popped over to RealSpecific, which I use to manage my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts, and announced the 3StepsNoExcuses challenge on several of my FB pages and on my Twitter account.

Things To Do With An Old Moleskin...

Then I dug out an old Moleskin notebook to use as my diary for the duration of the challenge.


After that I watched the CTP videos for Day 1 of the challenge. While doing that I accumulated some credits on ListNerds.

The CTP videos were a useful refresher.

When that was done I moved on to ListNerds and created and sent an email. I have a basic upgrade, so I can post an email every 5 days. I will stick to that membership level, but will log in each day to monitor the progress of the email and earn some credits by reading members' emails.

A Thousand A Month - 4th Edition Launch!


After that I switched to working on promoting the 4th edition of my book, A Thousand A Month, using the email I'd posted on ListNerds as a template for this blog post:


For me the 3StepsNoExcuses Challenge is a good fit for my book promotion efforts. The two projects nicely compliment each other, and so I included the 3StepsNoExcuses hashtag in that blog post.


Then I switched over to working on my membership site, EliteDownlineBuilder to set up a new "Readers Bonus" membership level for free, or silver members to upgrade to in order to get a copy of the ebook plus 10 FREE Solo Ads as a "thank you" gift.

A Shoutout To @celi130 and @RobWillmann

And so the last act of the day - er yesterday - is to "raise someone up" by mentioning them here.

The person who I'd like to mention is @celi130 who lives in Venezuela and who is working diligently on various Hive-related projects to generate a valuable source of income to help her family, demonstrating the real-world value of what we are doing here on Hive, CTPTalk and other Hive-based platforms.

One more shoutout is to @robwillmann - it's great that he's back on form and contributing so much to the community!

That's it for now... Aaargh, it's Day 2 already, so it's not it at all, but I'm off for a good soak at our local spa, and perhaps an evening spent looking over a few chess variations...

Cheers for now,

David Hurley





Greetings to @ celi130 and @RobWillmann
And so the last act of the day, that is, yesterday, is "pick someone up" by mentioning it here.

The person I would like to mention is @ celi130 who lives in Venezuela and who is working diligently on various Hive-related projects to generate a valuable source of income to help his family, demonstrating the real value of what we are doing. here on Hive, CTPTalk, and other Hive-based platforms.

Thanks for the mention in your post and greetings. Apart from thanking you for the support you have given me. It has helped me a lot, both for my expenses and to be piling up more and more coins to grow in this CTP community, which is shortly after creating a boom where it explores making its value reach the Moon.

Well, if living with today's economy is my country is not easy, at least to eat three times a day at least you must spend $ 15 a day, it is not a luxury meal, apart from the food expenses of the girl.

You are very right I am in several projects of the Hive platform, thanks to these projects I help myself every day generating income and thus meeting the needs, and without this platform I really don't know what my life would be like, maybe even working in my old job that he did not earn even $ 1 a month.

Every day I thank God for these great projects that are being implemented on this platform where many like me grow in knowledge and in economics.

I send and ask God for many blessings for you and your family, all that you give is doubled in health and prosperity. May your book continue to be a great success.

Thank you Mr. Hiro
On behalf of my family and I ...