Bitcoin Witnessing The Best Campaign Ever Since Traditional Institutional Collapse


Kudos to the bank crises has, this frequent activities of bank collapsing has given the king crypto free PR in the financial space. From recent collapse of SVB bank has given an alternative as regards investment placing decentralized organizations in a better position. From from bitcoin analysis there have been an increase in transaction rate and adoption rate making a significant move.

In a session which the crypto analyst David Lin during inventive answers, says that bitcoin is witnessing the best campaign ever since bank crisis. He says during this last crisis of the last 10 days, we had the most rapid acceleration of new Bitcoin wallets we’ve seen. And of course, Bitcoin has gone up 70% in the last 90 days. Extraordinary movement for an asset like that.

And the question the people face, like you mentioned, it’s a brilliant question – what do you do, okay? I can’t trust the banks, I can’t trust the treasuries because the US government is printing money like crazy, so it’s going to debase like crazy. Yeah, I might get 3.5% or 4% but the purchasing power is falling by 14% in real terms. What am I going to do? Do I put it into the stock market? Well, everybody says we’re going into a recession so the stock market is going to crash.

That doesn’t sound good. Where do I find a hard asset? We saw gold spike to above $2,000 for a few hours,And that’s an example of exactly what people are seeking out. They want to find that hard safe harbor for assets, where they can deploy cash. And that’s why we’re seeing Bitcoin as a new asset class, It’s probably witnessing its best marketing campaign ever.

And it was built during the last financial crisis. It’s designed for financial crises. And that’s why it’s doing so well. I think a lot of people are saying, okay you know even though I may not trust Bitcoin, I better have 2% – 5% of my cash in it, just in case. Just in case everything else goes to hell.

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