Onboarding All Humans To Leofinance At Every Travels Through Word Of Mouth Marketing Skills


Following suite to what @finguru article on Welcoming All Indians To LeoFinance I actually liked the fact he regarded himself as an ambassador of the macro blogging platform Leofinance.


Since I onboarded the Leofinance community some couple of months ago, I have been able talk about cryptocurrency and the opportunities it’s present it’s self to my colleagues at my office and sometimes I have the opportunity to travel outside my state residence.

The micro blogging in todays crypto state is gaining more grounds than excepted, with the at most expected launch of Leo- threads this will defiantly going to be a game changer for the Leofinance eco-system and the community at large. At the meetings I speak separately about Leofinance and it’s products under it’s belt, contributing to this course has been one of the best thing I do at will the bottles necks which I always get stuck in is the continuous monitoring of the new users as they see it as a difficult task to keep publishing lengthy articles.

With the Leo-thread the thought is different as the team has been able to solve this problem. The other day I boarded an interstates flight I was in the economy class at least that what I can afford for now😂 I broke the silence by checking my LeoDex.io chart which he then ask a question out of curiosity and we moved from the question asked to the crypto market at large, after the conversation I was able to share an onboarding link and successfully registered him to it was a difficult one because we couldn’t make use of the quick social media signup platform and hive signer was proving difficult at the moment.

At the end of all the hassle he was able to get on-board. I am really glad at the opportunity that I have with hive blockchain and the Leofinance community I look forward in spreading the good news about this, and I also hope to meet a large audience during this course.

Also don’t forget in contributing to the pHBD-USDC pool, and from statistics it looks like we will be able to archive the set target in a few months, let’s do our own part in growing the pHBD-USDC liquidity and also take out time to participate in the Leo power up challenge which happens every 15th of each month.

Let’s also connect on some of the web2 platform.
Twitter: Hironakamura

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