Some Catalyst That Might Influence The Next Bitcoin Bullish Movement


Bitcoin has seen a price decline since the beginning of third quarter. When bull? Is a question everybody in the crypto space has kept on asking, the bull season when? Nobody knows but there are several catalyst that will facilitate the next bullish market movement. One of those several catalyst is the bitcoin ETF, ETF which stands for exchange traded fund is said to be one of the first driver of this movement.

Is no longer news that institutions are trying to find their way into the crypto industry, with the exchange traded fund the stock exchange commission is siting that an institution owning this will introduce market price manipulation. Some institutional investors has been bent on having one which is Black Rock has stated the initiation process of owning one as at the first quarter of the year.

The next of the queue is the bitcoin halving which is scheduled to happen middle of next year, is simply means that they will be reducing bitcoin miners reward. Well over time this has really influenced the bullish market movement of the digital asset bitcoin. Then lastly regulation, tho from the publication which was able to throw some positive thought about the intent of regulating the crypto space( Defi, stable coins etc) which is centered on the customer/ investors protection.

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