The Bitcoin Halving Event To Influence Bullish Market Movement

The bitcoin halving event, the crypto community is optimistic about it being influential to the bullish movement of bitcoin market price. Bitcoin is projected to repeat a historic pattern shortly after the halving event to happen in April.
The crypto analyst Rekt says that we know that Bitcoin tends to enjoy lower prices prior to the halving. So, if you look at this blue vertical being the pre-halving prices then of course even this price is lower than these prices and these prices.
Even the old all-time highs are lower pre-halving prices than post-halving. And you see this across time that we actually break beyond a major all-time high resistance here in the immediate months after the halving.

So the same will happen here post-halving. We’re going to break the $55,000 region in the immediate months after the halving, as we’ve seen in the past. So pre-halving prices are always going to be lower than post-halving prices. And that’s just been a cyclical thing, a cyclical recurring theme in the Bitcoin price history.

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