LeoFinance.io Traffic Report (Last 30 Days) - Organic Traffic Slowly Grows


I started to published reports four weeks ago of "The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance.io", and I figured I would do something different this time. This time, I want to take a look at the traffic I personally have brought to LeoFinance.io during the last 30 days, according to Simpleanalytics.

I have plans on doing a report for a handful of other authors as well, as I want to see the impact we get from our recent SEO efforts. I have a small list of ~10 authors right now, which will be included within a potential upcoming report. If you are interested to see something like that, let me know in the comments below.

If we take a look at Simpleanalytics, we can see that I have brought a decent amount of traffic and that most of the traffic comes from Germany. A total of 63% comes from Germany while only 10% of the traffic comes from USA. Third on the list is Sweden, where I live, with a total of 7%.

We are talking about page views and not unique visitors though, so we have to keep that in mind throughout the entire report.


In terms of Twitter, we can see that 24% of the page views comes from United States, 16% from Nigeria and 14% from Germany. Morocco stands for 6% of the total amount of page views and United Arab Emirates, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa stands for 4% respectively.

My keyword reports seems to be getting the most page views from Twitter, with "The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance.io (Week #4)" leading the way with 15 page views. Next is my most recent article "COMBINE Twitter & SEO For MASSIVE Traffic To LeoFinance!" with 8 page views followed by "The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance.io (Week #3)" at 6 page views. Next in the list is "Hive/LEO Twitter Marketing & Report" with 4 page views.

It's easy to see that the page views I get from Twitter is for my traffic-related content, which goes hand in hand with this specific report.


When we are looking at Google, we can see Germany on the top with 53% of the page views followed by United States with 32%. Next in the list are Greece, Hungary and Sweden with 5% respectively.

"How Often Should You Buy And Sell Crypto?" along with "How To Earn Crypto From Blogging In 2021" has received the most page views with 6 page views each. "Andrei Jikh Brings Massive Traffic - Help Me To Get Him On Board!" has 4 page views and "King Of Google - I Will Bring MORE Traffic With SEO" stands for 2 page views. A comment on one of my older articles received 1 page view.


I got 3 page views on "How To Earn Crypto From Blogging In 2021" from Bing and 1 page view on "How Often Should You Buy And Sell Crypto?". All 4 page views came from Germany.


Yahoo brought 2 page views from India. Both on "How To Earn Crypto From Blogging In 2021". So, while this is low-hanging fruit, it still brings some traffic.

This Is Why Optimized Content Matters

You might have noticed how several Lions such as @taskmaster4450, @finguru, @forexbrokr and the LeoFinance community project @crypto-guides to name a few, have been focusing on search engine optimization lately and organic traffic is the reason.

forexbrokr made a superb comment and explained why organic traffic is important:

Remember that organic traffic is the most sustainable way to increase the price of the LEO token.

He followed that up with this:

More traffic leads to more ad revenue, and ultimately more token burns that put in a price floor.

To any curators who have a sizable LEO stake, it's in your best interests to also create/support this sort of content.

I'd encourage anyone with stake, to try and reward authors who consider SEO in the content they create.

The only way to incentivise a lift in quality, is to stop rewarding content that provides no real value.

I know how powerful organic traffic is which is why I have been focusing entirely on keywords and traffic as of late. That is why you see my weekly reports, reports like this and posts like my previous "COMBINE Twitter & SEO For MASSIVE Traffic To LeoFinance!". I know how complex, tricky and weird SEO is- and can be for beginners, and that is why I am trying to simplify everything. I want to make it easy to understand for everyone. I want people to see the potential. I want people to understand that organic traffic is a key ingredient in the recipe for success.

  • Some optimization is better than none.

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SEO is not sexy or exciting. It is showing up each day and doing lots of little actions to try and get more keywords out there. If we had hundreds of people doing this, we would be making greater progress.

Alas, we start from the point we are at.

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