Images and Ideas Challenge, Hive to be won and this round's winner

Sadly we had no entries again this round, so we'll add a few ideas back in a week as repeating that one from last round.

Look out later this week for a new curation from @crosheille which will highlight a topic each week and give some ideas on the kind of content the images can be used in. They might help to get ideas flowing, so feel free to pop back here and share them if they do. We've got some Hive and upvotes burning a hole in our pocket, after all.


How it works

The challenges will run every two weeks. Each round we will have a topic or two for our contributors to try their hand at. We invite everyone to give their feedback on any entries and the best one will win Hive. Meanwhile, we ask anyone who has been looking to use images to tell us what they are looking for in the comments on this post and these suggestions will be put forward as the challenge topics for future competitions, with the suggesting account added as a beneficiary of that challenge post. They will also be invited to judge any entries and pick their favourite submission. If they also choose to use a submission, then all the better. You don't have to be currently looking for images to suggest them, you can suggest anything you may have used or wanted to use in the past or that you think might be in demand.

We invite people to add an upvote to their favourite suggestions and this will play a part in which ones will be selected first for the next challenge.

This week's challenge topics will be:

Office work and business, in particular people talking on the phone or images of phones.

First aid



We have Hive for the winning entries. All quality entries will be nominated for curation if they aren't already well rewarded. Votes will be given on all good suggestions for images, with the chosen suggestion/s added as a beneficiary on the next challenge post.

Are you looking for specific stock images to use? Please view the Stock Images Main index where you can search by alphabetical order genre. This will be updated periodically as more images are added. We also now have a search feature, which is being improved as we go, so please feel free to give feedback on it.

Camera image by @bantamuda.