Amazing Nature Contest: FREE TOPIC - #1/3/23 EVALUATION


(Google translate from Czech)

Do you ever follow the phases of the moon? Gardeners and farmers should. The phases of the moon have a great influence on the growth of plants.

Greetings to all Amazing Nature Community supporters.

I firmly believe that today's evaluation and rewards for contest articles will have a positive effect on the "growth" of our contestants, like the full moon affects the growth of plants :-)
And I also hope that this is an inspiration for the rest of you to create interesting articles about nature.


The jury had almost no work to "evaluate" the two competition articles. And neither do I actually. I didn't have to make any corrections, so I can tell you the results of the competition right away.

First prize ... @elentogether

Second prize ... @chacald.dcymt

Snímek obrazovky z 2023-03-07 20-05-47.png

Congratulations and thank you for the interesting articles.

Special thanks to the jury composed of: @joanstewart, @jlufer

If you have an interesting article about nature and you don't think it should "fit" in the flood of other articles on the Amazing Nature Community, enter the competitions organized by the community.

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Therefore, pay attention

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