Blockchain Poets ~ Week in Review for Apr 24 to Apr 30 ~ AMAZING Poems ~ Hive SBI Winners, PIMP winners, too

Here are the poems published to Blockchain Poets for the week of Apr 24–Apr 30. Let’s have a look at the poems then we will get down to the contest winner.

This Week’s Poems

Wake Up Drink, Stand Up Drink, Coffee Drink - Poetic Exercise by @akumagai
Mariner’s Doom Moon(ENG/ES) La Luna De La Perdición Del Marinero by @cesarj21
If Life Were a Flight… by @trifecta-tt
Erythema by @joswag
The Dreamer’s Toast (Esp/Eng) by @elpastor
A Record for Posterities Sake - A Poem in Motion by @akumagai
Do You Remember? - A Midnight Poem by @sarashew
Finders Keepers by @joswag
I Want to Belong to You by @lecumberre
Great in the Morning, Great in the Night by @repayme4568
A Minute for Poetry by @trifecta-tt
A Spontaneous Trio of Haiku (4) by @lucemtenebris
Seek True Love in God, Not Men by @creanovation777
Señales. – Poemas Diarios Por Un Mes (Día 7) (ESP-ENG) by @joseitosanchezs
Toes in the Sand by @inthenow
My Escape by @driptorchpress
Patience by @trifecta-tt
I Care Less!! by @itohowo
Humans Have by @penyaircyber
Reincarnation by @litguru
Call of the Rainforest by @positivesteem
Words Can Bend Reality by @lenaspiritual
Imperceptible(ENG/ES) Imperceptible by @cesarj21
(SPA-ENG) Los Muertos ・ The Dead by @agreste
Passing Through ~ Haiku of Japan by @dbooster
A Word by @warpedpoetic
Success by @s3ttt
Do They Really Care? by @davidbright
Poetic Practice - Rain Rain Go Away by @akumagai
Proximity (Poetry + Art) by @clayboyn
Fuck You Meth by @crypt0sph3ryst
Simply Meant to Be by @crypt0sph3ryst

There we go. If you have time, check them out and see what you think. And if you like any, let the author know about it by leaving a great comment!


Thank you to those who followed the group rules and left two comments for every poem posted. You guys rock.

@joseitosanchezs left an amazing number of really great comments this week, so 2 SBI to him. Good job!

Winner of Hive SBI and PIMP

Remember, only people who gave two comments for every poem they posted are eligible for this contest. The only exception is that new poets are giving a pass their first week here. Also, please remember to use the #pimp tag if you want to be entered into the drawing for PIMP.

Excluding myself, that puts 10 people in the running for HIVE SBI and 7 people in the running for PIMP tokens.

I threw you guys into a random picker

and the winner is…

For Hive SBI:


@positivesteem - 3 SBI
@inthenow - 2 SBI
@clayboyn - 2 SBI
@agreste - 2 SBI
@joseitosanchezs - 1 SBI

For PIMP tokens:


@agreste - 50 PIMP
@penyaircyber - 50 PIMP
@inthenow - 50 PIMP
@joseitosanchezs - 50 PIMP
@s3ttt - 50 PIMP


(if you aren’t sure what SBI is, it’s kind of lifetime payment system. You can read about it here)

And thank you all for your wonderful poems!

Next Week ~ Next Prize

Next week will be the same reward — shares of Hive SBI and PIMP. For PIMP, you must use the #pimp tag. For both SBI and PIMP, you must comment at least twice for every poem you post.

The exact amount of Hive SBI depends on how many poets submit poems for the week.

0–9 poets - 1 SBI
10–19 poets - 5 SBI (split 2–2–1)
20–49 poets - 10 SBI (split 3–2–2–2–1)

(Note, these numbers don’t include @moeknows or myself.)

So if you want a chance for Hive SBI, go write a poem! If you want a chance for a lot of Hive SBI, go recruit others (and write a poem)! Spread the word, upvote and share this post to make it more visible, contact poet buddies on Discord and try to talk them into joining our group.

Just remember the rules:

  1. Comment on two other poems for every one that you post
  2. Make it a good comment (not just “great poem!”)
  3. If you offer criticism, keep it gentle and polite and remember the golden rule of criticism: say at least two positive things for every one thing you criticize.

Anyone caught breaking these rules will not be eligible for the reward.

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s new poem in this next week.

(Note: If you’d like to donate anything for the contest, such as Hive Engine tokens or Hive, please get in touch with me. Look for me as dbooster#6252 on Discord.)

Calling all previous Blockchain Poets: @a-lass-wonders @aa9 @aamirwattoo @abisag @adriangamerxd @affiliatit1010 @agreste @akumagai @ambigenius @amnes14 @ange.nkuru @anj @anointingaz @ast3r @awuahbenjamin @azabache2021 @babstar @blockchainbeth @cesarj21 @chinyerevivian @chrysanthemum @chyssom @clayboyn @cliffagreen @creanovation777 @crypt0sph3ryst @d-pend @danmaruschak @dante31 @darkfemme @dave7658 @davidbright @deraaa @dibblers.dabs @diebitch @digitized89 @driptorchpress @drivingindevon @drwom @elementm @elisa2021 @elpastor @emmaba1 @emomo @emptyintentions @emrysjobber @enginewitty @ervin-lemark @evagavilan2 @evergreenfavour @fatma–27 @fibonacci2022 @floki-skarsgaard @forthefree19 @fredfettmeister @gatoguedexz @georgelumayag @gingerup @gone-hive @greenie.girl @hamsterpoweriii @haraya @harryhandsome @harryq11 @hbelakon1975 @heartofdarkness @hermaryrc @hilbyguy @hitz75 @inthenow @ismelda2305 @itohowo @itsostylish @itxilma @jacco25 @jakim7 @jamesdeagle @jane1289 @japhofin8or @jearyjoe @jerryzikko @jesuspsoto @jin-out @joalheal @johnbenn @johncarty859 @joseitosanchezs @josemalavem @joswag @joydukeson @justme4u @kaixin @kaysmile44 @kemmyb @kingobonnaya @kraken99 @latino.romano @lawrence27 @lecumberre @lenaspiritual @litguru @littlepiggies @ljus @lolawrites @lucemtenebris @lv99-rd-chocobo @lymepoet @maccazftw @malgarise @martinlazizi @martthesquire @marydelmar70 @mavido @maylenasland @mbkumasi03 @mejs @miangel100pre @michaelofurum @mirilarbarr @missingnins @mistural @mundomanaure @murliwala @muthmainnah @myklovenotwar @myztiqakusuk @obikay @oldschoolzen @onos-f @orthodoxnudism @oscarpower55 @overorlando @owasco @penyaircyber @peter32 @philomenob @poemsofasickmind @positivesteem @pregosauce @primestacks1 @rafa1272 @raj808 @rajiola @ramisey @rene.neverfound @repayme4568 @rikarivka @riverflows @s3ttt @sakura1012 @samsmith1971 @sarashew @sarix @schreib.hamster @scottclinton @sgarciacine @shiftrox @sisc @smilejerry @smilejerryhive @soul-subject @sp3ktraline @strivenword @tahminasyed @takeonrules @tasonia @technicalart @tedcipher @temitopemichael @tezmel @thecreativecasa @todayslight @trifecta-tt @trucklife-family @tuha.peut @unpoetaenamorado @veektur21 @viadelboss @vikbuddy @vision-of-esca @walkinverse @warpedpoetic @weone @whileponderin @witherbloom @yablonsky @yahia-lababidi @yen1503 @zakyj

(If you’d rather not be mentioned here, let me know)


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    Congratulations to all participants and the winners! 😊


    What a great collection of poems. Congratulations to all the winners.


    @hive-161465 I dropped comments and used Pimp as one of my tags but my name wasn't included for the draw. Please what happened?


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    Thanks, most appreciated.. and congratulations to all who won. I've read and commented on some really great pieces this past week, some really awesome writing. 😀


    Congratulations to all the winners and thank you.


    Thank you for featuring my poem!