Daily Street Art #168


Wahoo 500 members... I never thought when I created this community it would reach so many people. I remember wanting to try out this new feature on the old platform just to get the hang of it faster. And at the same time, it would be cool to see Street Art from all over the world. So a huge thanks 🙏 for posting, commenting, participating to the contest hosted by @digi-me and @trippymane... to make this community so alive despite the fact that my Daily Street Art posts aren't so daily 😀


In Montreal, there are a few walls authorized for graffiti such as the mur de Rouen. Perfect to paint in peace with better conditions, it's covered and lit at night. Here a picture of the entrance... you can see more about it on Street Art #420 and Street Art #421.

Who :Unknown
How :Graffiti
Where :On de Rouen Street under the railways, Montreal 🗺️ Google Maps
When :2021


500 members

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