📊 Daily Twitter Data Reports as of January 18, 2022 🚀 3,481 hive tweets of the day 🚀


Our Daily Reports in all the tweets related to #Hive, hope you will enjoy what you see here as we are trying to boost Hive's popularity especially on a big social media #Twitter. We are inviting you to join our Hive Posh community on Telegram

As a long believer of the Hive protocol since 2017, there is a necessity to attract more attention in what can we offer here as Fast, Scalable, Powerful, The Blockchain for Web 3.0. Twitter is a great platform to bring awareness on Web 3.0, I made a post on how Twitter may play an important role for us. Our google spreadsheet is available for public viewing.

If you love promoting Hive on Twitter and want to earn Hive at the same time. We want to invite you to our regular Call to Action posts on the accounts @hiro-hive and @acidposh made by @acidyo. All tweet participation is eligible for an upvote from @theycallmedan and liquid Hive tips sponsored by @threespeak. Tweets with a minimum #Hive tag will get a daily #POSH airdrop (@poshtoken), we can check this post. It's our pleasure to work with such a great community.

1. Daily number of Tweets & Retweets

Total Number of Hive Tweets and Retweets - 2022-01-19T044505.183.png

DateNo. of TweetsNo. of RetweetsTotal No. Tweets & Retweets

2. Top 40 Daily Most Active Hive Owners

(Note: These are the total Orignal Tweets, Retweets, Retweets with comments, replies(comments) with our hashtags and links.)

RankTwitter / Hive UsernamesTweet CountsRankTwitter / Hive UsernamesTweet Counts
2soychalbed / @soychalbed8422The_Crypto_Dood / @the-bitcoin-dood15
3mariatornero60 / @sacra978223samostically / @samostically15
4SMadushnaka / @madushanka7924Lordbutterfly / @lordbutterfly14
5cetb2008 / @cetb20087625HiveLift / @hivelift14
6cpolsilver / @cpol5526Jenny_Zerpa / @jennyzer13
7Psyshock_1 / @psyshock4127jlufer / @jlufer13
8HiveBlogShare / @hiveblogshare3928ALIRAMONRIERATO / @aliriera12
9TraciYorkWriter / @traciyork3929JeanlucSR / @jeanlucsr11
10hexagono_6 / @hexagono63630sgerhart130 / @sgerhart10
11metodologiaecs / @pedrobrito20042931MatheusggrH / @matheusggr10
12motherhood_hive / @motherhood2532FullDeportes6 / @fulldeportes10
13Dimeilaz / @ilazramusic2433Gambiste110
14IAM__NONSO / @nonsowrites2134coinrbicom10
15NathanMars7 / @nathanmars2135Tarot9111 / @tarot91110
16mariajcastro_28 / @mariajcastro282136Mavis166 / @mavis1610
17lisbeth6jas / @lisbethseijas2037AndersonSBrad / @bradleyarrow9
18glag_leonardo / @germanandradeg2038ArtistsHive9
19kenji120225301939Fermionico / @fermionico9
20readthisplease6 / @readthisplease1840rodrikun / @rodrikun179

3. Top 40 Hive Owners that received most Likes & Retweets (Jan 16 - Jan 18)

(Note: All tweets that have hashtags and links will be included. We considered all tweets in the past 3 days for the reason that tweets are continually being liked & retweeted by people.)

RankTwitter / Hive UsernamesSUM of Likes & RTsRankTwitter / Hive UsernamesSUM of Likes & RTs
1splinterlands / @splinterlands185421The_Crypto_Dood / @the-bitcoin-dood133
2many_labs45122mariatornero60 / @sacra97128
3cryspe_taro / @hametaro33723TraciYorkWriter / @traciyork126
4Lordbutterfly / @lordbutterfly19324TheycallmeDan_ / @theycallmedan120
5oAcido / @acidyo18625zipmex118
6ArtistsHive18426Yonilkar777 / @yonilkar117
8readthisplease6 / @readthisplease17428bulldog1205 / @bulldog1205107
9HiveSlotGames / @hiveslotgames17429danielvehe / @danielvehe102
10taskmaster4450 / @taskmaster445017030PlayDracoDice97
12belemo__ / @belemo16132JagoeCapital / @jeffjagoe86
13Fermionico / @fermionico15933SMadushnaka / @madushanka83
14TimeNattention15634NathanMars7 / @nathanmars83
15TheErdoi15035BlockchainCards / @reseller83
16alberto_060714936rutablockchain / @rutablockchain82
17Olawalium / @olawalium14837CineTv_io / @cinetv82
18enmymente / @enmy14538ErikGsn / @flaxz80
19itsjustmarky / @themarkymark139393speakes / @threespeak-es79
20PizzaOnHive / @thebeardflex13440rodrikun / @rodrikun1778

4. Top 40 Tweets w/ Highest Number of Likes & Retweets (Jan 16 - Jan 18)

RankTwitter / Hive UsernamesTweets ShortcutNo. of Likes + RTRankTwitter / Hive UsernamesTweets ShortcutNo. of Likes + RT
1many_labsTwitter Link45121splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link83
2splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link29822oAcido / @acidyoTwitter Link78
3splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link24623bulldog1205 / @bulldog1205Twitter Link75
4cryspe_taro / @hametaroTwitter Link17724JagoeCapital / @jeffjagoeTwitter Link75
5TheErdoiTwitter Link14825EdgarGerik / @edgerikTwitter Link72
6splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link14526splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link71
7HiveSlotGames / @hiveslotgamesTwitter Link14227DappRadarTwitter Link70
8itsjustmarky / @themarkymarkTwitter Link13828splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link69
9splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link12729splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link69
10splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link12730The_Crypto_Dood / @the-bitcoin-doodTwitter Link68
11PizzaOnHive / @thebeardflexTwitter Link120313speakes / @threespeak-esTwitter Link67
12zipmexTwitter Link11832TimeNattentionTwitter Link66
13splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link10433splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link63
14PlayDracoDiceTwitter Link9734splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link61
15splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link9735splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link59
161MillionTokensTwitter Link9636MatheusggrH / @matheusggrTwitter Link59
17splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link9637readthisplease6 / @readthispleaseTwitter Link57
18splinterlands / @splinterlandsTwitter Link9438NathanMars7 / @nathanmarsTwitter Link55
19TheycallmeDan_ / @theycallmedanTwitter Link8739raymond1speaks / @brofundTwitter Link53
20belemo__ / @belemoTwitter Link8540GisetSam / @samgisetTwitter Link50

5. Tweets of the Day




splinterlands / @splinterlands


PizzaOnHive / @thebeardflex


bulldog1205 / @bulldog1205


Fermionico / @fermionico

6. Tweets that we don't want to miss out




We have gathered the data to show to you how we are doing of promoting Hive this past few days. We have all our Twitter Data publicly available for your review to verify how we are doing on Twitter that relates to our hashtags. This post is created manually, if you think we made a mistake of dropping some names from your Twitter to your Hive account, please kindly comment it down below so we can fix it. If you do not want to be mentioned on this Twitter data, kindly comment so we won't notify you in our Twitter performance.


All data reported above are based on the data from Twitter API related to Hive. Please include #Crypto on our #Hive tweets to reach a much larger audience and eyeballs.
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We want to recognize our great people on Twitter we always see every day. I am grateful to God to have you guys in our Hive Family. We love all of you, I am praying to God that He take good care for all of you and your family. <3