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A little late from this side and we apologize. It is a new week. Hope your previous were good? If they weren't, we hope for a better one this week.

And here are your winners...

1st Place: Depression, the soul cancer by @emreal

Others were crying because they missed him but for me, my tears was because I know we just entered our trying times. It was really not easy without him, I was so worried about a lot of things, of course you know I need to be a man now and not just for myself for the family. It was so painful to me when I see my mates furthering their studies but I am stuck down here.

This author tells us his struggle while also pointing out things he does to cope with them.

2nd Place: The Bounce Back: Fighting Depression by @offia66

Gone are the days when we knew those who locked themselves up in a room as the depressed; these days, even people roaming the street are depressed. People try to hide their pain while they die on the inside and don't speak up. Fighting depression can be difficult, but it's possible to fight it. Depression attacks even kids when given the chance; it creeps in and does what it's known for (destruction).

This author identifies that financial struggles are real and they could lead any man into the deep jaws of depression.

3rd Place: Breaking the silence: help may be close by. by @jjmusa2004

Matters that bring about silence could range from financial needs to emotional needs. Most times, these situations are caused by chronic (or long-term) conditions that may have eaten deep into our marrows. I will attempt to break this topic down into bits for better understanding.

And attempt he has! This author gives us a great educational lecture on the topic depression. As he pointed out, it is a vast subject, but we still learn.

And we have one honorable mention this week as well:
Liberando mis momentos oscuros | Iniciativa: Rompe el silencio [ESP-ENG] by @rulirecomienda

Sincerely, I have had to struggle many times with dark moments, since when I left my town to study in the city I had to live in a residence, far from my family, friends, all the life I had there and it was a very hard time, between the change of environment, living in a house with more than 10 people with different characters, being in a university that for me was very immense and I could not even find the library, living in a house with more than 10 people with different characters, being in a university that for me was very huge and I could not even find the library, made me want to cry every day, go back home and tell my mom that I would go to live in the house and fishing, but I would not return there. Finally, I managed to find the light and so much so that I still live in the city.

This author makes this so personal that you can see the struggles of a woman in her situation. And, she is very verbal with her thoughts and experience.

Congrats. As an honorable mention, you receive 50 Ecency points and 10 Dreem Tokens.



For the prompt of the Week...

What is that?

Every week, we release out a new and fresh topic and give you 6 days to share your experiences. You can write or you can decide to make a video. Whichever way, make sure you follow the rules which are:

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Back to business. What is this week's prompt?

This festive season has been really colorful and with the clash of three very dominant celebrations, the beauty of diversity in unity has never been more beautiful.

Prompt Theme for the week:


Tell us about a certain culture or way of life that has you curious or excited. Have you been to festivals or carnivals? If you could, what kind of holiday would you decree?

Tell us a story...

NOTE: The HiveNaija prompt is for everyone. Your race, color, tribe or orientations do not matter. Your experience does. We look forward to your submission.

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We look forward to reading your amazing entries within the week! Have a lovely Monday!


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