Dragon Jumper The Dependable Monster


Hello splinterlords and splinterladies across the word, how are you feeling today? The presale chaos legion we have been waiting for is finally here. Many players have been waiting for this time, especially players like me. Though I do not have enough money to buy the pack, I would have loved to go for 1,000 packs so that i can take the title of legionnaire, but the title is for people that have the power and determination to buy 1,000 packs.
I love the title and I know that there are many benefits attached to the title. Going for this title is beneficial to such players.

This week's battle challenge is using any dragon monster to fight in the battle. I bought DRAGON JUMPER in the market some weeks ago when I was desperate to own this monster. I have encountered this monster countless times, and I was eager to buy the monster in the market. For some time, I wasn't able to buy this because of the costly nature of DRAGON JUMPER; until I put all my resources together before I was able to afford this monster.

One thing I cherished about this monster was the speed: dragon jumper is one of the monsters in the catalogue of my monsters with higher speed. You could see in this battle, it was DRAGON JUMPER that first attacked.
Most times I saw this monster in battle, the flying ability makes it so difficult to target. There were several times my monsters could miss targets due to the flying ability of DRAGON JUMPER; since then I have been longing for this monster. I had bad encounters with this monster in the battles; I have lost important battles as a result of this dragon jumper which prompted me to get it. Since I bought DRAGON JUMPER, it has not let me down in battles. My next target is to buy more and level it up to 2.

DRAGOON JUMPER is a unique legendary dragon monster. It is a 7 mana monster which is the reason I don't normally use it in small mana battles, dragon jumper will take the whole mana and little would be left for other monsters.
The opportunity ability was another reason that made me buy it and the melee. It is the one of the opportunity monsters with a high melee attack. It takes level three of serp[pentine spy to get three melee attacks, while dragon at level one have three melee attacks and in level 3, it has 4 melee attacks; these stats made me crazy about the monster.
The flying ability of this monster makes me call upon it whenever earthquake rule is given in battles. Though, it is not everytime i use the monster due to its mana and summoner dragon scale’s mana
Its health makes it more dependable than any other opportunity monsters. Most of my opportunity monsters have lower health of 1 or 2, but dragon jumper have 6 health. This 6 health will make it take a longer time before it is eliminated in the battles.


  • Stampede: the trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled monster is killed
  • Melee Mayhem: Melee attack monsters can attack from any position.
    click here to watch the battle.


  • Djinn Chwala: I don't know why level three of my Djinn Chwala appeared in this battle as level 2. The major thing I chose this monster was the thorn ability. Since one of the rules of this battle is ‘ Melee Mayhem’, my thought was that my opponent would prefer melee monsters over magic or ranged monsters. Therefore attacking Djinn Chwala will damage melee monsters’ health.


  • Sea Monster: there are three reasons i used Sea Monster as the second monster, the reasons are:
    Blast ability monsters- i thought my opponent would use a blast ability monster that will affect the second monster in the lineup. Hence, Sea Monster was placed there to keep increasing its health if such a monster is used. There were battles I lost due to blast ability monsters and am trying to prevent such occurrences.
    The health- i don’t mind using this monster in the first position due to its health but my concern is the speed of sea monster. Though, I knew that the best position to use this monster is the first position but the mayhem rule makes it possible to use any monster in any position. That was the reason I used sea monster in second position.
    To provide solid defence- in case Djinn CHwala is eliminated, sea monster was there to succeed chwala. I knew if Djinn Chwala is destroyed, the sea monster and the rest of the monsters would be able to deliver the victory.


  • Dragon jumper: What a monster! this is the major reason i chose it here. in round one, it eliminated creepy ooze that reduced the speed of all my monsters. this is the reason most of my monster attcked faster in this battle. in round 2, it destroyed furious chicken due to its lowes health. in round three, it damaged the health of kralus to the minimum that led to its elimination.


  • Creepy Ooze: after i calculated the whole mana in the lineup, i was left with 1 mana: this was the reason i selected creepy ooze.
    Also, I know how useful this monster is in this kind of battle. Reducing the speed of opponent monsters by one gives my monsters the opportunity to attack faster.


  • Crustacean King: Chwala would have been eliminated if crustacean king wasn’t in my lineup; Kralus would have been a big threat to me if there was king. King was continuously increasing the health of Djinn Chwala. Chwala was left with 4 health in the first round, and the crustacean king increased it back to 7. In the end of round two, Chwala was left with 1 health, and the crustacean increased it back to 4. If not the crustacean king, Chwala would have been eliminated at the beginning of round 2.
    Hence , Djinn Chwala was eliminated in round 3.


  • Furious Chicken: it doesn’t take anything away from me, it has zero mana and I was left with pot to fill. Furious chicken is the only monster i know in splinterlands without mana cost and is the only monster i know that can fill the pot because no mana was left.


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Absolutely love the dragon jumper. Still affordable as compare to other dragon.