Effective Communication: Communication is the key part 2


Effective Communication
Hello everyone, how are you today? I realized that for someone to affect life, you need communication skills. By profession, I am a teacher in high school that needs to communicate effectively before I can make an impact in the life of these students. Despite teaching mathematics, I need communication skills to be heard by these students. I have read many books on communication skills in communication, practiced it alone and also with my friends, attended seminars about communication and presented some cogent topics in public. Some people taught that lawyers, journalists, newscasters, and other related disciplines only require effective communication skills; the perspective of some people is that science related disciplines do not require a higher level of communication which is not true. If you’re teaching science courses, won’t you need communication skills to pass the information effectively? even , practitioner doctor needs effective communication.

IMG-20211007-WA0003.jpg I and my friend were talking to senoir students on how to communicate effectively beacuse I discovered that 90% of them have similar problem I had when I was in school. majority of them could not face crowd to give a speech, I want to develop the habit of effective communication in them.
Choose a role model: role model is very important not only in communication but also in every aspect of life. When you have a role model, you read some of his/her books, watch his/her videos, and follow him/her in social media, you will start behaving like him or her. I remember when I was kid, I used to listen to 2pac music;i had all 2pac music therefore whenever I sleep or not, I listen to his music, watching his videos. Suddenly, I started tying a handkerchief on my head, but I was afraid of my father, who could not allow me to smoke cannabis (marijuana) because if he sees me with such a thing, he’s going to punish me to the extent I would never forget in my life.
Also, whenever I am at home, I don't wear my handkerchief because of the fear of my father. I started singing 2pac songs, and also had barbed hair like him.
What I am trying to make you understand is that you can design your life like your role model you like most. This is the reason you need role models that have communication skills and also give your life values.
The moment you start following the role model with all your might and heart, you will start behaving like him/her.
Start with your close friends: practice it with your friends. Whenever I make a mistake in the presence of my friends, I used to be happier than to make such a mistake outside. This is because mistakes are tolerated with my friends, I don't even care whether I make a mistake or not. By starting with your friends, you are building confidence and mastery consciously or unconsciously. it is not necessary that you tell your friends of your goal but whenever you are talking to them, continue building that habit of effective communication, behave as if you are in the crowd delivering a speech to a large number of people.
Be sincere to yourself and others: actually I don't think this one works for everyone. Anytime I lie, I make mistakes while communicating because I don't like lying. Whenever you are to give a speech, be sincere to yourself. If they ask you questions and you don’t know it; it is better to tell them that I don't know it, I will research it and give you feedback. Honesty to yourself makes you feel better and confident while communicating.
Your styles of communication matters: how do you communicate?What types of style do you prefer? You may probably have more than 5 styles of communication, I will advise you to choose the best one. I love assertiveness while communicating because it helps me to gain confidence, maintain effective communication, good eye contact and healthy talk. It makes 90% of the participants participate and engaged. Don’t be carried away by anything at all. There was a day I wanted to present, because I had someone I was crushing on. I was not able to deliver the speech to the optimum due to the eye contact with my crush; I ruined everything. Don’t lose focus and stay firm.
Be ready to motivate: your communication needs to motivate the participants to do what you are telling them to do.
Do not be too abstract: connect your story to real life situations, if possible use the examples of some of your experiences and what you have heard, read and watched. By doing this, you are connecting the lives of listeners to what is happening around them or with them; because as you are talking, some of them may also experience the story you are sharing with them. Do not use the word that they do not understand the meaning. Don’t try to use big grammar or ambiguous words that would not be understood; use simple and correct sentences.
Don’t be a master of knowledge: don’t act as if you know everything, do not do 60% of the talking, call some listeners out, ask the questions you have drafted concerning the topic: give listeners more chances to participate. If you are doing the talking alone, some listeners will sleep in the process, getting tired, finally sneaking out and you will get tired in time. It is good to master the topic but be flexible while talking to the audience.
Let there be humor: put some story that will make them laugh, do not present a speech as if you are moaning about someone's death. Learn the strategies of maintaining silence even though you entertain questions. One of the strategies I used to maintain silence is ‘if you have questions to ask me or you want to answer my question, raise your hand up’, and I’m going to pick out some people randomly to answer my questions. Put smiles on their faces, bring up stories that will make them laugh, smile and happy. ;
Reflection: this is very important after the communication; make sure you reflect about the whole thing. Reflection allows you to rectify your weakness and build more on your strongest point. It helps to correct the mistakes you have made in the past. Reflection should be part of your daily routine because it is a guide towards perfection. You should learn how to reflect on daily activity either when you want to sleep or in the morning, take 30 minutes and reflect about what you have done during the day, where you have made mistakes, and what to do to improve on it.

In conclusion, everyone needs effective communication, it is not limited to lawyers alone because their specialty is to use sweet mouths with evidence to save their clients neither newscasters because it is highly needed to broadcast news but also necessary for everyone to express themselves, speak in public, motivate and impact knowledge; businessman or businesswoman needs it to sell his products, doctor needs it to speak words to patients that will help him emotionally; teacher needs it to impact knowledge, mode, and motivate students; married couples need it to speak to themselves that will bring peace, harmony and hitch free marriage.
We all need effective communication to get along with each other.
Thank you.