Argentina wins the soccer world cup for the third time


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Argentina won the Football World Cup for the third time yesterday (18).
That was in the 2022 World Cup football tournament held against the defending champions, France, by winning the final match with 4 goals to 2 (penalty kicks).

Argentina led 2-0 at the end of the first half of the match played in front of over 88,000 spectators at the Luceili Stadium in Qatar.
In the second half, France also scored 2 goals and thus the regular time ended with both teams scoring 2 goals each.

After that additional time was given to decide the winners.


As both teams scored a goal each, penalty kicks gave the opportunity due to the tie again.
There, Argentina succeeded in 4 penalty kicks and France was able to succeed in only 2 penalty kicks.

Accordingly, the match ended with Argentina winning 4 goals to 2.


This is the first time since 1986 that the Argentine team has won a football World Cup.

Also, this is the last World Cup match in which Argentine captain Lionel Messi, who holds many records on the football field, participated.

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They deserved the trophy and I am so happy Messi has finally gotten the trophy of his dreams.