My Enjoyable Travel


Traveling is one of my favorite hobby, well it is only near at our place. Our Province was filled with many beautiful place and I am really proud to share and show the place I went yesterday. Yesterday, I decided to take a walk and visit our nearby seashore. Together with my partner, we started to roam around the place at exactly 7 am. The place was very windy and the sea was slightly big with a waves on it. The skies are very bright and only small portion of with clouds appearing to the sky. The place we went was at Barangay Punta Silum one of the part of Manticao Misamis Oriental.


Barangay Punta Silum is near at the seashore. Most of the residents here are fishermen and some of them are construction workers and company workers. It was very hot sunny day when we arrived at the place. The calmly weather adds the beauty of the place specially the sun shinning on the place. The place was filled with many coconut trees also. People who loved to go for a swim are intend to get some buko and the owner are giving them the authority to get some as long as they wont sell it.


The seashore contains many types of stones just like Pagang. Even if the place is filled with many sharp and smooth stones, still many people loves to go for a swim. Sometimes, there are also residents went here to for a fishing and catching shrimps, crabs, seashells and other exotic animals. There are also peebles on the place and different kinds of empty seashells scattered to the shore.

As far as I know, this place will soon to develop into private resort and this is good opportunity to have this kind of bussiness here.


As we continued to explore the place, we noticed this beautiful bonsai at one of the store here in Punta Silum. It was very fascinating and it grews healthy even if there is no soil and only big stone were the balete tree clinging. According to the owner of this plant, it She sells this for 5,000 Pesos. What a great prize isn't it?

Traveling yesterday together with my partner was a success. We enjoy ourselves watching those beautiful and very fascinating place.