Visiting Ornamental Store On Night


Actually, this is not according to plan. Visiting ornamental store at night. I really have fun watching different kinds of plants here in our Province tonight. Since when I was a kid, I already fun collecting ornamental plants, in fact I already know some of the plants names. Let me share this pretty bougonvilla flowers here in the ornamental store. It was very fascinating and very attractive. The said plants contains many flowers on it. According to the owner, many of her plants has already been sold out. The secret of having more flowers is to watered theplants 3 times a week.


The place was filled with many different kinds of plants just like this one. It is already trimmed and displayed near at the road. The owner wants to placed this plants directly from the sun so that it will bare more flowers and of course watering it is very important. Each pot of this plant costs 350 pesos and it is good for landscaping. Some of the customers here are from far away places and they buy this kind of plants for offices also.


Another kind of plants they have is what we called Caladium ornamental plants. This kind of plants is slightly popular and well known. This is also good for landscaping and many kinds of this plants particularly the colors, leaves shape and types. By planting it, we must get the bulb and sliced it into tiny pieces so it will propegate more. We have also this kind of caladium and some people eat the bulbs of this plant and I am very surprised about it.


I am really amazed of this also. They have pot gardening just like this one. This is a kind of chilli and all of us know this plant. We called it bell pepper. I truly imagine that this place is good for planting bell pepper even if the place is full of stone. This is good for food just like tinola and other kinds of dishes.


They also have Gumamela flower. One of the costumers want is this gumamela flower. It is good for landscaping and backyard ornamental gardening. There are few kinds of colors does gumamela have, yellow, pink, white, red, orange. All of it are very fascinating and pretty.

If we always take care of the Environment specially the plants, we can gain beautiful result and gift from the nature by having a relaxful and fascinating place.


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