The Lowest Fee Discounted Bridge Reached 13,000 HIVE/SWAP.HIVE Liquidity Pool - Quick Update

Hello Hives,
We are excited to announce that the lowest fee discounted bridge could reach 13,000+ Swap.Hive/Hive liquidity pool.

The Bridge Expansion...

According to our latest research that used to compare performances of discounted bridges, we could find the hiveupme discounted bridge has a good opportunity to expand its' business module & can support the Hive community to pay less while swapping between HIVE & SWAP.HIVE.
Therefore, we will focus more on expanding the Available Liquidity of the lowest fee discounted bridge (Hiveupme).

Mobile Wallet Support...

We hope to add Mobile wallet support to UPMESWAP (One of our discounted bridge UI) that was developed by @ali-h - core-founder of @hiveupme projects.

Why HIVEUPME Discounted Bridge?

  • Hive Keychain integrated.
  • Near instant swapping process.
  • We introduced the lowest fee discounted bridge. - Fee (0.1%)
  • We introduced a No Fee + 0.075% Reward sharing mechanism for swaps which balances the bridge liquidity.
  • Automated refunding process.
  • More revenue-sharing methodologies will implement under the HIVEUPME discounted bridge.

HIVEUPME Discounted Bridge Is Safe To Use?

Yes, our service is safe to use. We are using separate frontend & backend scripts. Moreover, the project integrates with the Hive Keychain.
After all, everything can be seen at the Hive & Hive-Engine blockchains (a ledger of the account). Therefore, no one can cheat the system & refund process is also automated. (We do manual refunds if automated refund process fails).

How Works?

  • Step 01 :- Check @HIVEUPME Liquidity Details

  • Step 02 :- Check Liquidity Requirements

  • Step 03 :- Check Your Liquidity Balances

  • Step 04 :- Swap Your Liquidity

Important :- Minimum Swap Amount is 1 HIVE / 1 SWAP.HIVE / 1 VAULT & "Swap" button only available if your account has equal or more liquidity to swap.
To use a rich user interface (UI) for your next swap :- Click Here []
If any error, please contact us @CORE-VAULT Discord Channel or send a discord message to theguruasia#8947.

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