Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! One-Time Luck!


Good day everyone here in Splinterlands!

How was your weekend? Here in the Philippines, we had a long weekend because of the two holidays approved by our President so we will have time to visit the dead for All Soul's day.

chaos legion.gif

I'd like to share with you guys my one-time luck with the chaos legion pack I opened last weekend. I was thinking to myself," I am feeling lucky today, just this one chaos legion pack..".

So I converted my remaining HBD and purchased Chaos Legion Pack at Splinterlands.com, as soon as I bought it, I opened the pack and made sure I recorded it. To my surprise, well would you like to guess it? It is already in my post. Yes, Djinn Muirat!



Screenshot_20221031-130258_Kiwi Browser.jpg

ability_void-armor.pngMagic attacks hit this Monster's armor before its Health
Knock Out
ability_knock-out.pngDoes double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned
Giant Killer
ability_giant-killer (2).pngDoes double damage against targets that cost 10 or more mana
Magic Reflect
ability_magic-reflect.pngWhen hit with Magic damage, does reduce Magic damage back to the attacker. Deals damage equivalent to the attacker's damage divided by 2, rounded up. The damage is reflected even if the attacker does not hit
ability_forcefield.pngThis Monster takes only 1 damage from attacks with power 5+

Screenshot_20221031_130106_Kiwi Browser.jpg

As shown in the image above, there are still plenty of cards that are still in the Chaos legion pack, once there are burning the packs, this card may shoot its prices, well not only this card but all cards in splinterlands.

Battle using Djinn Muirat


are you ready to rumble.jpg


Thaddius Brood.png

I was analyzing that my enemy might use Obsidian since my enemy's history was using magic, to my defense I used negative magic as Thaddius brood's decreased magic and decreased health.

Harklaw_lv1.pngReduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacksSince I was thinking that the enemy might use Unicorn Mustang as his tank, his attack may be decreased.
Djinn Muirat_lv1.pngMagic attacks hit this Monster's armor before its Health. Does double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunnedWell we know magic penetrates shields and directly hit the health of the monster, I put Djinn Muirat as my second tank to support the early defeat of my 1st tank.
Undead Archer_lv1.pngWhen a Monster with Affliction hits a target, it has a chance of applying Affliction on the target causing it to be unable to be healed.I put this on my deck thinking that he would use Goblin Psychic to counter his healing ability.
Sand Worm_lv1.pngTargets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first MonsterThis is my favorite sneak attacker because of his high damage, since we have high mana, I could freely use this.
Dhampir Stalker_lv1 (1).pngThis monster's attacks cannot missEven with the thought of Unicorn Mustang's speed, there is no chance that this could miss.
Queen of Crows_lv1.pngCan perform ranged attacks from the first positionHow lucky am I to have this card since this is the only card in the death with this ability. I used this to increase the chances to gain the last man standing.

are you ready to rumble (7).gif

images (29).jpeg

With all the anticipation and analysis my enemy used..

Screenshot_20221105-082349_Kiwi Browser_resized.jpg


I will just hope and pray I could win this game. 🤣


Fire Elemental attacked first and I was happy I used Harklaw as my first tank and Djinn Muirat as my second tank. The attack was lessened and the shield protected him from blast ability of the first attacker. Followed by the blows of Lava Launcher. What's making me nervous is that my Harklaw has low damage because the enemy used Disintegrator. Every ranged attacks penetrated the enemy's first tank, and this round ended with Sand Worm's sneak attack that killed Fire Elemental.



Screenshot_20221105-082412_Kiwi Browser_resized.jpg

As you can see, the first tank of the enemy, Elven Defender, is still alive. Lava Launcher was the first attacker followed by my Djinn Muirat which kills the first tank of the enemy. Now the difficult and most edgy part, how can I turn down the Living Lava? With my Harklaw that was negated by Disintegrator it could not bring damage to the enemy's now, first tank. I would heavily rely on my ranged and magic attackers. I am also anxious that my Queen of Crows will not stay long enough because of the Tenyii Striker. With their, increased melee attack and health caused by Tarsa my Sandworm could not easily kill Tenyii Striker. Undead Archer doesn't have definitive role on this round because he could not pierce through Living Lava's shield.


Screenshot_20221105-082430_Kiwi Browser_resized.jpg

Like the previous round, it started with Lava Launcher, then by Djinn Muirat (I am grateful for this lucky card I have because he could penetrate through Living Lava.) followed by my other ranged attacks, good thing they could also probe through but decreased damage. This round ended a final blow to Tenyii Striker.


Screenshot_20221105-082453_Kiwi Browser_resized.jpg

Now, both parties is a matter of 1 shot. As Lava Launcher killed my Harklaw, Djinn Muirat also killed Living Lava. Putting Disintegrator on a near death, I feel like winning. With Lava Launcher's high shield, my Sand Worm could not stab on his health.


Screenshot_20221105-082507_Kiwi Browser_resized.jpg
With 1 health on first tank, it is surely his last breath with the attack of Djinn Muirat. Now Lava Launcher on the first position, every attacks of my monster pierced through and giving me my win.

are you ready to rumble (3).gif


Have fun and spread good vibes!

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talpackers! great job!



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