Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: Earthquake Preparedness! The clash of Brighton Bloom!

Good day everyone. I have a hard time looking for a battle challenge for the previous weeks. Now I am proud to present to you My challenge!

The Clash of Brighton Bloom

Of all dragon summoners available, Brighton Bloom is the one I bought because I like its ability against earthquake rules.

Battle Challenges (7).gif


Brighton Bloom round 1.png

I feel like I will lose this game because my enemy used level 4 summoner, while I only have level 1. He is smart for using anti-magic since I used Djinn Oshannus as my summoner. He would really of great damage to the enemy if his magic was not reduced to 1. We almost have the same line up only that he used life elements while I used water elements. We both have healers and double strike and the enemy's reach ability has high melee thus giving high impact to my monsters. Doctor Blight is also a smart move, he is an anti heal thus having a healer will be pointless and at the same time he has poison ability that even though his attack could not penetrate Djinn Oshannus but his poison will.


Brighton Bloom round 2.png

As the game started, the poison penetrated my tank giving him a starting of this round a health of 4. My Djinn did not effect the enemy that much especially with 1 magic, he was easily defeated by the single strike of Pelacor Arbalest now that my healer is on the first tank, even with her heal the poison of Dr. Blight had already penetrated her.


Brighton Bloom round 3.png

Same as the previous round when poison penetrated djinn, this round had also defeated Merdaali Guardian putting Angelic Mandarin in the first tank. Though his attack will not take effect anymore, his high health in low mana will help Axemaster and Vruz finish the game.


Brighton Bloom round 4.png

Thanks to the sacrifice of Angelic Mandarin the enemy's best attacker is now at the first tank therefore he could not attack anymore. Now my Vruz and Axemaster will give their best and continue to win this challenge.

ROUND 5 & 6

This is it. Obviously I have already won in round 5 but in respect to finishing the game Dr. Blight must be defeated on round 6. 😁

Did your strategy work?
Yes, my strategy to buy Brighton Bloom was the best strategy I have. It may not be the best level for my silver league yet it is very useful in this types of rulesets.

Do you like the Earthquake ruleset? Why or why not?
It is quite more common ruleset to have, thus it is not difficult to participate in this challenge. Anyhow, Earthquake ruleset is not to my advantage unlike the sneak and opportunistic rulesets or the thorn rulesets because I could take the full advantage for it. But still I have won this challenge because of my best strategy.😆


Thank you for reading!


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