Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: Empowered Nerissa Tridawn!


Good day, everyone! Another weekly challenge to be motivated to write about it, but Nerissa Tridawn is not new here in this challenge. Like Moana, she always felt the sea called to her.

👩‍🎤🎼See the line where the sky meets the sea?
It calls me
And no one knows
How far it goes

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Nerissa is a proud warrior of the water. Armed with her enchanted trident, she defends the seas, the rivers, and the lakes. She is well known across coastal villages, and they often call on her for help. She has slain great sea beasts that would otherwise kill everyone in their path. She has rescued sailors from hurricanes and even warned villages of incoming tsunamis to save lives. Her bravery and brilliance in battle have led to her being called Nerissa the Hurricane.


Nerissa Tridawn Stats.png

This image is taken from Splintercards.com. As you can see, this is the list of the stats of Nerissa Tridawn. Even though this card does not have a specific ability, her high health and high magic attack could bring victory to the team if properly used. One disadvantage I see is her high mana.

Nerissa Tridawn is an Epic chaos legion card. I actually bought level 1 cards and advanced my owned card to level 2. I would really want to have the level 6 but because of my low budget, I cannot maximize to gold level cards. I actually owned 1 level 1 card as a reward and I have posted it as my social media challenge, you can click here to view the blog.

Nerissa Tridawn battle.png

Kelya Frendul Versus Kelya Frendul


FOG OF WAR: Monsters lose their sneak and snipe abilities.
TARGET PRACTICE: All ranged and magic monsters have snipe ability.
Mana : 54
ELEMENTS: All elements are available except Fire and death.


Kelya Frendul_lv1.png

I used Kelya Frendul to increase the speed and defense of my monsters. I have observed the enemy used Kelya Frendul but with melee attacks. So I took advantage of using magic attacks since it will penetrate the shield of Kelya Frendul.


TORHILO THE FROZENTorhilo the Frozen_lv1.pngVOID- Reduced damage from Magic attacks.Attack damage gets halved (rounded up), except attack 1 which deals 0 damageThe enemy might use magic attacks because of the ruleset, that is why I chose this card in the first position.
BAAKJIRABaakjira_lv1.pngVOID -same as with Torhilo the Frozen. SLOW - Reduces the Speed of all enemy MonstersSince the enemy's previous line up is using Kelya Frendul so I utilized this as a counter to his speed and at the same time a second tank if my first tank will die.
DJINN OSHANNUS Djinn Oshannus_lv1 (1).pngVOID -same as with Torhilo the Frozen and Baakjira.In my offense, I used Djinn Oshannus. Before Chaos Legion Pack release, this card is one of the most terrifying monster to be an enemy. He is quite difficult to defeat.
NERISSA TRIDAWN Nerissa Tridawn_lv1.pngNo specific ability but only high health and 3 magic attack.This epic card even though she has no special abilities is a great attacker especially used with Alric Stormbringer.
AXEMASTERAxemaster_lv1.pngDOUBLE STRIKE - Monster attacks twice each round.I really brought this card because I believe that this gives great damage to any battle if used and positioned properly. Now with the battle rules available, it should have been better if it can attack as a snipe.
PHANTOM OF THE ABYSSPhantom of the Abyss_lv1.pngDODGE - Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks.+25% Dodge vs melee/ranged. FLYING Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability. +25% chance of evading.His 3 magic is a good attack, with 6 speed this monster with Flying and Dodge will be very hard to hit by Melee and Ranged attacks


Nerissa Tridawn round 1.png

As I had expected, the enemy used mostly of melee attacks. He did not use any form of defense for my magic attacks so most of my magic penetrated the enemy. Thanks to Nerissa Tridawn she beat Diemonshark. The enemy had a difficulty defeating my first tank despite he sought all the attacks from them.


Nerissa Tridawn round 2.png

Since Flying Squid did not have a shield, my Axemaster completely drained his health giving the next attack to Nerissa Tridawn.

Nerissa Tridawn round 2.1.png

Anyhow, this did not end Sandworm's health. It even paved to his colleagues Mantoid, Supply Runner and Deeplurker to be the final touch to Torhilo the Frozen and was replaced by Baakjira. Thankfully he has shield that redirected Sandworm's attack to it and prolonged his life.


Nerissa Tridawn round 3.png

From the previous round, Sandworm was greatly damaged by Nerissa Tridawn giving the final blow to Phantom of the Abyss. Now putting Deeplurker to the front would make it difficult for the enemy to win because the remaining attackers and the one will follow will be ranged abilities and when put into the first position could not attack. My monsters attacked first and no doubt, they killed Deeplurker easily.


Nerissa Tridawn round 4.png

Now that Supply Runner is in the first position it is obviously the enemy's last round leaving mantoid hopeless to win.

Nerissa Tridawn battle results.png

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If you want to watch the full video of the battle, just click the video here. ⬇️

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy worked. I would like to use +1 Magic with either Alric Stormbringer of the water element or Delwyn Dragonscale of the dragon element. This would greatly damage every monster that will attack their way.

Do you like NERISSA TRIDAWN? Why or why not?

I'm torn between the two if I like it or not. Because in high mana challenges, using Nerissa Tridawn is a full head on advantage and while on the low mana especially with battle rules of equal health, this is very difficult to choose.

Have fun and spread good vibes!

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