Earthquake Miracle | A 5-Minute Freewrite

This was my entry to @mariannewest and @latino.romano’s 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday Prompt: knee problems. You can see the details here.


Earthquake Miracle

Mrs. V found out by accident that a bad knee could be quite handy to get away from many predicaments.

She was not much of a believer and since she was little, she hated to attend church, especially because of the repetitive Catholic ritual. She particularly despised kneeling.

She was still pretty young when one Sunday morning she banged her knee against a pew. It was not as bad as she pretended it was, but she acted out so well she was excused from kneeling during mass. From then on, her bad knee never healed.

She conveniently reinjured her knee many times, which allowed her to enjoy the privileges granted by the almost extinct sense of gentlemanliness.

The same knee problem that served as hook the get her Prince Charming eventually pushed him away. Mrs. V used the bad knee to get away from Mr. V’s naughty requests. He gradually stopped asking and resigned himself to a more conservative relationship where intimacy was subordinated to higher ideals of matrimonial happiness.

Time passed and everybody in town got used to helping Mrs. V in every aspect of her daily routine. When the time of the skinny cows arrived and there were crazy lines to get what used to be the most common of foods, Mrs. V was always able to get whatever food item the mobs were fighting for without much effort.

The afternoon the 7.0 earthquake shook her town, Mrs. V was home alone. Most neighbors ran to her house to help her get out of it. Actually, most houses in the neighborhood suffered considerable damage. Mrs. V’s house had collapsed. When neighbors arrived, they assumed she was trapped under the debris. However, Mrs. V had ran faster than anyone else and was quietly catching her breath two blocks away.

How could you… a neighbor ventured to ask. It’s a miracle! She cried ecstatic. But, please, don’t tell my husband, she added quickly.

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