Manipulate the enemies in Splinterlands: Mycelic Slipspawn Battle Challenge


Mycelic Slipspawn

When magic isn't powerful enough on it's own. Break out the Slipspawn and control the battlefield, directing every target with the taunt ability. As deadly as it is hardy, the Slipspawn grabs all of the attention whilst allowing others to do the more intricate magic behind.

So what do we have instore for today's Splinterlands Battle Challenge?



Super Sneak
30 Mana

Battle Challenge:


My Line up:

Obsidian- Summoner

Obsidian is one of my favourite summoners and was the first summoner I raised to level 2. The increased magic damage will enable me to deal my maximum damage across my line up.


A key piece to most line ups in Earth these days. Taunt ability focuses the opponent on this monster, allowing me to buff it with the following monsters to keep it alive. In addition to the extra damage from Obsidian.

Going with Queen Mycelia is essential to my plan. Using her ability to reinforce my line up with armour, I hope to utilise the bolstered defences against physical damage. All the while, using Obsidian to increase the damage output.

Goblin Psychic is here to ensure the Mycelic Slipspawn can stay as healthy for as long as possible. This strategy ensures my enemy is focused on one monster at a time.


The Hireling is here for two reasons, mainly to rebuff the armour on the target who lost armour. In my case my Mycelic Slipspawn. Equally useful if there are any opportunity monsters, so I can retain the maximum damage on the battlefield at all times.


At second level this card can self heal. The plan is for when the Mycelic Slipspawn is overcome, to use this to keep the enemy sneak monsters at bay from my weaker core line up.


Opposing line up:


Flying ability and good health makes this a good choice. My line up should see through this card quickly in the first round, assuming all goes to plan.


Mostly ineffective against my line up. A good choice but won't have any impact in this battle against me.


I felt like this was a filler choice and I am not expecting much impact here. would have been good had I used opportunity. Will do a little extra damage from the Super Sneak ruleset.


This is the very reason I used Xenith Monk to sure up my back line. Not expecting too many troubles with this card.


The first magic user against me. It's health may become an issue with its leech ability but its limit damage output shouldn't be an issue.


Thorns is always tricky especially in Super Sneak but as I am focused on magic damage, I am not expecting an issue here. The Xenith Monk should hold their own here.


The Battle:

Round 1:


After the debuffs at the start, this was a solid round. The high health on the opposing team made this slightly longer than expected. Xenith Monk got involved in the action and the self heal ability will be very useful once the Mycelic Slipspawn goes down.

Round 2:


Late in the round the Pelacor Deceiver goes down which should make the remaining fight a bit easier. The Slipspawn has taken every hit thus far and the thorns damage is starting to hurt Xenith Monk but the self heal was a good idea.

Round 3:

At the very end of round 3, the Disintegrator goes down, leaving the mostly weaker Death team behind it. This should now speed up a little.

Round 4:

Late in this round the Slipspawn falls. Not bad considering the damage it has taken since the start. The opponents use of the Cursed Windeku in the rear backline position is well placed and Xenith Monk is about to take a few hits for the team.

Round 5:

At the end of Round 5, Xenith Monk is down leaving just three monsters on my side. The opponent is going full physical damage and I still have armour. At this stage, I am confident. Can I protect the Goblin Psychic?

Round 6:


By this point the battle is starting to fade. The one damage by the Shade is minimal and the turn order is now hurting the opponent.

Round 7:

The loss of the Shade leave this as a victory due to the abilities on the battlefield. The tank heal is useful but the armour by Mycelia and the Armour repair by the Scavo Hireling are now nullifying the opponents attacks.

Round 8:

Just waiting for it to end...

Round 9:



Final thoughts:

I love the Mycelic Slipspawn for tanking the opposing team's attacks and keeping my line up safe and out of the way. If you don't have one, why not. I highly recommend it!

Overall my strategy worked in this battle. The Slipspawn was essential to the plan and could not have worked without it. I am not sure I would have changed my line up going forward, but the Xenith Monk was equally good as well.


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