Empress: Part Three of the cull, many more to go

Back again to continue culling a myriad of images. Will any of these eventually become The Empress of fame and fortune? I have no genuine idea, because there are two hundred and forty five freakin images to go through.

I was very over zealous on my creation process with these images. It will be tough to cull, but I must make attempts.

Let's get started.


There's a few thumbnails that caught my attention:


I like the fact this is a seated pose, but it gets strange in a couple of ways. The gown becomes her chair, and the foot is not a great representation. It appears that there's a mirror as the backing of the seat, which is again, a very interesting element, but not what I'm looking for. From a thumbnail perspective though, it looked interesting. Pity about the full version being not as much.


Here we've got a wicker throne, and another downcast expression. That's the feature that appears to the most endearing towards the character representation. There's some issues though - the hand, the gown, and some unwelcome splotches of blue in lots of areas. It would be a great candidate in terms of character design, but the representation of the character definitely would need some additional work.


A really interesting thumbnail, and a potentially more interesting large image, too. The pillow is a wonderful pictorial element. The expression needs some work, but is fixable. The wand held in the hand doesn't look too threatening, and she seems calm. I seem calm. I like the outcome of this image, and it is definitely one going straight into teh short list for use as a final image.

Moving on now to another batch of images, and the painstaking cull continues.


Here is an image with too man hands, not evident from the thumbnail alone, sadly.


I liked the fact that there was an adequate seating arrangement made for the character in this image, again with the "halo" behind the head. Unfortunately though, there is something wrong with the proportions and the fact that the character appears to simply levitate in place on their throne.


This is one really relaxed, calm and cool character. I like it, but it needs more coherence and detail.

Midjourney appeared to decrease the number of coherence-found (a name I've made up) images as I used up more and more GPU hours on the plan I was on, which is a shame, but nothing of course, that other algos can't fix locally on my PC. It's now been way more than a month since I canned my MidJourney subscription; but I'm still going through the images I generated with it.

How sad is that?

Still have more images to cull. Send help. :D

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Thanks as always for your time!


The second image is the best of these imo. It has minor issues compared to the third image (missing arm, lots of legs). The wicker empress seems more engaging and open to interpretation. She's sitting in twilight, bridging the earthiness of the meadow with the celestial moon, darkness and light, and what is she contemplating in her hand? Or is she pointing something out to us? I honestly love this image!

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It is certainly an inviting image, and I like the way all of these provoke thought in some way or another.

The problem is that I over-generate images, instead of curating my vision as I go. I get image FOMO. :D