Episode four: The Empress strikes back

No, tis is not a Star Wars film, but if you want to think about it in that context, feel free to do so. I am continuing my search for a suitable "Empress" card for my AI generated Tarot card deck.

There's still way too many images to go through before I get to a final result, and this feels like a really over-shot photographic session where I got too trigger happy on an idea or pose and spend the remainder of my natural life culling through images.

Less is more. I will need to practice that on my next generation-spree; and recognise that there's no FOMO when it comes to random seeds.


Below we see a beautiful sceptre, held by a well proportioned hand, and the all-important peaceful, downward cast gaze. That's a great thing, but I'm not exactly a fan of the colour scheme or colour theory that is occurring in this image. I mean, it is ... fine, but a departure from the tone and colour of the card. There's also no forest in the background.

I know that everything can be fixed, but this is not what my mind's eye commands and demands.


It appears that I am a sucker for natural vignettes in the background of images. When it comes to photography, this is certainly something that I try to implement as a part of my process. When it comes to AI generated art, it also seems to be an important part of what I am curating as I go along the journey.

Unfortunately, this character does not look to be regal enough to form something down the lines of an Empress.


Here, instead, we definitelyhave something that appears to be very regal indeed. There's a "queenly" facial structure. It is something familiar, but the other pictorial elements in the image do not serve to convince me that we are looking at THE Empress. I like the way the sceptre falls away from what looks like engineered timber to branching roots and plant matter; it is an interesting concept.


So here is another batch of thumbnails for me to look through.


It is a large candle, held by a poorly rendered hand. There's the hint of a forest in the background, but this is an example where the thumbnail is more appealing than the final, larger resolution image. I must then move on.


I quite like the image below. The composition is pretty nice; the character is in an interesting pose, but I wish it was during the day time, and I also wish it was during a time when deformed hands were eliminated from the AI model.

As I said earlier, everything could be fixed; but there's so many other images to go through, I'm certain that I am to find something far more suitable as I go through the digital reams of images that I have produced.


This image is regal, confronting, with a sense of modesty about it. There's some detail and coherence lacking in the facial features, and the hint of the natural vingette in the background, too. It is also something generated around the Golden Hour, with nice tones thorugh the image. However, I must leave it on the table, to fall to the cutting room floor, as I know that there's an enormous task ahead to try and generate the perfect image.


My next post will be going through hundreds of images. I want to find The Empress, so that I might be able to move onto the Emperor after that!

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