Gazing at the Night Sky in search of the star

I am back again, yet once more; to look at the next instalment of the AI generated images that I have produced to go along with all the rest that I have generated along the way.

I’m learning a lot as I go, particularly about the Tarot card Major Arcana set, but even more about the limitations of AI art generating models and software.

First, before I move onto rambling about the inadequacies of some of the images below, let me do some rambling about the task at hand: The Star.

Typically depicted with a naked woman standing at the edge of a stream or pool, pouring water from two vessels, one into the water and one onto the land. The woman is often surrounded by stars in the sky.

The Star card can also feature a large eight-pointed star in the background, which is a symbol of regeneration, balance, and spiritual enlightenment. The eight points of the star represent the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, as well as the compass, North, East, West, South.

The woman on the card is often shown with one foot on the ground and one foot in the water, representing the balance between the physical world and the spiritual realm.


With all of that in mind, time to look at some thumbnails in a larger format!


This first image is absolutely gorgeous, but it is a bit too “anime” for my tastes, compared to the others in the series so far.

The water dripping down directly from the star is an interesting interpretation of the theme, and like always, I’m stunned by the quality of garments worn by characters generated by the prompt.


A solitary figure standing among ripples, without any jugs or vessels of water, and no land in sight, either. This means this doesn’t hit the mark at all. Next.


The jets of water surrounding this character, and the dynamic pose are really quite interesting, but that moon in the background certainly isn’t a star.


I feel as though this image is getting closer, but the stars in the foreground and behind the woman’s head are a bit too comically unrealistic compared to the rest of the image, so I’ll need to move on.


This final image is exceptional in terms of its composition and subject matter, but it is missing the jug; the land, and many of the other important compositional elements required for the card to be immediately recognisable as The Star.

It looks as though I didn’t learn my lesson and perhaps generated too many images

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Gorgeous creatures, would you please share your prompts for the 5 enlarge pictures?


The prompts were the same, from memory. I don't have the specifics on hand, but the stylistic cues I used were "pre-raphaelite and charlie bowater"; with the description of the scene being adjectives such as "elegant", descriptions for the character would have been things like "ball gown", and "drapery", along with "feminine" (as opposed to female).