Pursuing The High Priestess out of her temple: Part 1

Now that we have been off to visit The Fool, The Magician, and their various iterations, it is time that we turn out attention to a temple atop a hill. It is time to look at The High Priestess in some level of detail, starting out with a general description of the traditional Tarot Card design, as I see it with my own, organic, non AI eyes.

What do I see?

A woman, dressed in blue robes, that look to become the very ocean itself at her feet. She is flanked by columns, and the throne room looks to have a single tapestry behind her. The columns have the letters "B" and "J" written on them. I didn't know what this means, so I decided to explore the Internet and discover that:

One pillar is black with the letter B (Boaz, meaning ‘in his strength’) and the other is white with the letter J (Jachin, meaning ‘he will establish’).

She is also depicted holding the Tora, which is apparently the sacred book of "Greater Law" (whatever that means!) - and then there's some deeper meanings built into the tapestry behind her, but I do not think that I will be getting the generative nuance to describe all of those elements, so I'm electing to try and ignore those details as best I can for the time being.

Perhaps they will become important at a later date. I'm not sure any of that matters for the purpose of generating images surrounding the very notion of what I see on another piece of visual communication, and it is time to be incredibly derivative, and get down to culling the seventy four images I have produced for this concept.


It appears that for this first batch of outcomes, my prompt completely missed the point. I didn't get anything that I thought was completely keepable (for The High Priestess, at least), but nonetheless, I did get some interesting images.


The candles on top of the hair aren't exactly the safest thing to explore in the real world, so I am glad this is just an illustration. The columns are not at all present, unless you count flowerpots as being an adequate representation of pillars.

I do not feel this way. The next image is really an amusing interpretation of the prompt.


Perhaps a High Priestess should be flying? This might be a good image for "The Moon", which appears later in the Tarot card set, but I thought it was an interesting, literal interpretation of the prompt. I love the fabric and the colour scheme in the image.

The next two images are just pretty. There's no other way to explain or describe them, but they're pretty remarkable portraits of characters. In typical AI style, however (and probably a hall mark of the technology), the true Turing test is the representation of hands.



I'll be back again to review more potential canditates for the High Priestess soon!

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