Splinterlands Daily Quest Stream Replay - December 1, 2022

Well hasn't that gone quickly? That is the end of another season, and the start of another month. The final month of the year, that is. Jeez. This year has flown by so rapidly I haven't had time to reflect upon everything that has happened.

This is the 280th video in my Splinterlands YouTube playlist for long streams, so that is about 560 hours worth of Splinterlands stuff that I've done over the past year and a bit. Insane. Incredible.

How much loss is that? Well. A lot. How much? Watch the video. In other news, I open the video with my end of season rewards, followed by a spending spree on what I think is cheap (again!) and then we try to maintain a position in Diamond.

What will happen? You should have watched live. Now you're stuck with a replay. Sucks to be not watching it live!

Until next time...

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