Splinterlands Daily Quest Stream Replay - November 20, 2021

Another day of fighting in Gold League. At least I made it back up to Gold 1 this time around - its a real struggle this season, and the competition gets tougher and tougher with each passing day.

I need to play in a truly eclectic manner in order to increase my win rate, and make sure that I am playing teams only with a higher chance of fitting within the ruleset than what my opponents are drawing.

Otherwise, I'll need to ask myself... what is the point of having the cards I have?

The important part is to never give up, and enjoy the learning experiences from all the battles that keep getting fought every day!

If you haven't started playing Splinterlands, you should do that immediately. It's very good fun.

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If you prefer sleeping in your designated time zone, go watch replays on YouTube.