The search for the Emperor continues, and I realise he happens to look like a viking?

I return again to continue my search for The Emperor to add to my burgeoning collection fo Tarot cards designed entirely by an AI, with tweaks made by me after the fact to produce a series of cohesive images that may or may not end up being printed or a part of a larger project.

Right now, I'm using this as a way to learn the tools, and generate a workflow that... works for me; so that I can not only learn these tools further; but also use them as a way that I can bring all my other visions to life.

The first thing I have learned so far, is that I should not save every single image. I should be more ruthless in the moment, instead of having a fear of missing out if something shows some promise.

Just like photography, I think what will set good AI artists apart from the poor; is what they show. Poor artists will show everything, good artists will show the good stuff only.

What we rarely see is the process of throwing away the bad, and the justification, so this series of posts forces me to justify what I like, and what I do not like.


Here is where I will be brief. Bad facial coherence. Poor composition, owing to the placement of the throne in the hands. Otherwise; the image is average, and lacks detail and context. Next.


This man certainly looks like a war-ravaged patriarch who has seen an enormous amount of stuff. The missing rams make this unsuitable, but sitting on the pile of rubble really makes it drive that point home.


Not sure what is going on with the skin tone in this, not quite a statue. Not quite a human, but an interesting etching of a man through latent space.


For this image, I enjoyed the hovering, angled halo behind the head. Midjourney appears to enjoy rendering a lot of drapery of fabrics, and it is fascinating to fathom what might be below those fabrics. The throne with some watching eyes below the man is also an uncanny and interesting element to this image.


This image is close. The detail is incredible, the coherence is excellent, and the hands... well they're a nightmare; but the lack of rams, which are an important pictorial element to this particular character, are entirely absent.


I will have to continue searching.

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