The World Final

There is not much that I want to to do take this iamge to the place where it will be mostly consistent with the other ones in my Major Arcana Tarot card series. I will be using Photoshop, and Photoshop alone to get this to a finished state.

This is a milestone of sorts, as it is the final image in the Major Arcana Tarot card collection, and it has been an adventure. I've learned many lessons about AI generation along the way, and expanded; too, my ability to create, think; and produce.

Let me show the original image, prior to any Photoshop intervention:


First, I'll be removing the watermark / serial that was produced on the bottom right, a few clicks worth of work with the clone stamp tool:


Then I will be jumping into Adobe camera raw in order to add a vignette, complete tone mapping, and some other brightness / contrast adjustments. The final outcome of this step is always really dramatic:


Finally, I'll make some further adjustments to the colour and lighting using an exposure adjustment layer


And here is the final result:


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