Home Education Curation Collection. 9th January 2022

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When you're homeschooling more than one child you can end up going through a lot of books. So finding ways to save money and resources is can be a huge help. @arrliinn shares some hacks they've been using in this regard. What methods have you found?

While we may divide education into different learning areas, usually to assess progress in each, nature and our little ones don't really do this. Much of our learning crosses into different curriculum areas and this can be utilised from the other side to help our children gain a broad range of knowledge with just one activity. A great example of this was demonstrated in @missdeli's post on an alphabet painting activity with her son.

When we do simple art activities with our young children, we often leave them behind as they grow older. Yet, as @queenart demonstrates, thse techniques can grow with you to create more advanced artwork. This leaf printing pattern looks quite exquisite and likely requires that bit more patience and focus that older children can bring.

We've had two introductions in the community this week. The first was from @rodylina, who is pretty seasoned on Hive and has often shared her fabulous baking skills in her blog. This week she shares with us a bit on how she's been homeschooling her girls these last couple of years of lockdowns.

Then we have @wifemomlife sharing her first post and introducing her big homeschooling family.

I hope we see lots more from both in the community.

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