BINANCE (cryptocurrency exchange)

There are many several versions of the binance exchange, we have binance US, binance SINGAPORE, binance UGANDA and so on.

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There are many exchange from BINANCE is the biggest exchange in the world and processes around 2billion in daily volume. who can use binance?it depends on the country you based in, you have to use the version of the exchange of your respective countries. Though there are some countries that blocks from using binance, they are those that falls under the US sanctions.

When is come s to exchange features, in binance you get the most extensive crypto spot market in the binance we have crypto finance services like binance earn, which allows you to earn bank interest rate on your crypto. There are many features in binance. When it comes to deposit methods, all crypto deposit are free. Withdrawal fee are variable and it depends on the cryptocurrency you are dealing with.
Binance also support some of the lowest fee for any exchange too.


Binance also support a range of deposit options for many different currencies.theybhsve recently activated visa and mastercard deposit in addition to methods like bank cards for euros and GBP attraction a fee of 1.8%,whereas UK faster payment and SEPA bank deposit are entirely free.


In terms of customers support,binance got you covered with 24/7 with online ticket system.binance customer support agent,will then get back to you over email.i have never waited up to 24hours before they get back to me anytime I need their help.when it comes to binance app,it had gone to an extra mile with an excellent mobile app for Android and iOS and windows and so on.

Binance is supported by every third party trading bot worth considering,binance is for everyone, to check out binance visit

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