Discipline yourself on a long term focus

In order to succeed, you must have a long term focus. Most of the challenges we are facing in our lives comes from a short term focus.


I spent several years with my friends @midewonderx and @kayboy4sure starting and looking for a business that would fetch us a good income despite we are a student. We delude ourselves that is possible for us to make five figures income in a month.

Each time we failed to reach this goal, we closed the business and started working on another, sometimes we do two to three business at a time, thinking that one of them would succeed.
I would have a saved myself a lot of time if I realize that I have a short time focus and this attitude has been the very reason why I haven't accomplish my goals.
The moment I switch my mindset, things started falling into places🤗.

In fitness,I want to build a well defined physique as quickly as possible,even me and my friend @marvinix went there yesterday,I frequently reduced my daily calories intake to level that were impossible to maintain over the long term,I would have accomplished my goals more quicky y taking a sustainable way that would take a year or above to reach my goals.

In learning languages,I wanted to learn new words as quickly as possible and soon find myself discouraged from looking at even one more word,I wanted to learn dozen word a day,but in the end I would have accomplished just five(5) new words,but maintain and used over years not just for week nor month.


Analyse your goal and know how to approach them,replace short term oriented behaviors with those that shows you are in I for the long term.
Self discipline isn't limited to rejecting a cake of sticking to an exercise habit.you also need self discipline to maintain a long term focus in all of your endeavors.

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That was a nice post. Usually we get blindsided by instant fixes that we fail to look beyond ‘now’. Beyond what we can get today. Whereas all great things compound overtime and become humongous.

Building muscles or learning a language is a slow process. I think we all should practice delayed gratification in our day to day lives to get rid of this mentality.

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