Is Satoshi an individual or multiple people? 🤔

one of the main reason why Satoshi would have been a group of people is that Satoshi is very knowledgeable in some wide range of area such as economics, distributed computing, c++ programming, database and cryptography.


When you think about these skillset can you now see that Satoshi is a skillset of multiple people instead of individual, for example a c++coder normally would be studying c++, Java, or python just like me lol, but not exactly the history of money.

I really wish to learn a wide range of topics too but am not an expert in all those field that interest me, most people don't have much time to learn a multiple More skills,can you now see that Satoshi is a group of multiple


How is Satoshi an individual? The reason why Satoshi can be an individual is because is writing style is very consistent. If there were other people Involved they must have follow a certain writing style. Satoshi is a brainiac person for example in the Bitcoin white paper he mentions we propose instead of I propose and on the top of the title the name is written as Satoshi nakamoto not Satoshi's team or other people's name. And there is only one email address provided for contact.

Is Satoshi an individual or multiple people? this question got me.

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