Picking the wrong❌ exchange

wrong exchange do happen when you are following the bad advice.


We have seen them on twitter, instagram with their rented Lamborghinis and fake cash, "*I mean those fake cash traders" who advertise their lucrative trading so that they can boar😂.
The sad thing about this is that all those fake traders are nothing but effective traders. Some of these guys make a bad selling so much, so that they can afford the lifestyle that makes newbies thinks they are a great traders (this is common here in nigeria).

There are so many resources online, everything you want is at your fingertips, it only require digging here and there, making researches. There are alot of successful traders, not a single one is successful.


How do I avoid fake traders?
Well am sure you can spot them,if you can use the simple rule I mentioned earlier.in order to be successful you have to secure your gain.never be scared to make a profit.
Some traders do have this mentality that "a trade that was successful will continue to be successful". This trading is more of a gambling tactic there is probability that you might loose as well.


Some mistake people do have in trading is called overconfidence.
Overconfidence can work in some certain field but not in trading.arrongant traders trade market they don't know too well or worst yet,they invest more than they really should.gjjs is not the mistake that only the inexperienced traders do make even some expert do fall victim as well.

If you want to be a steadily profitable trader,you really need to make a lot of researches and analysis...though it takes time to form a trading plan and find the right market and product to trade.

There are no GET RICH SCHEME In trades but if you stay focus you will surely the returns....I hope this examples will help you blow up your trading.

Thanks for reading

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