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Cultism can be defined as any organization which membership, policy are done in secret and are kept away from the knowledge of the public which as negative effect on both the members and non-members.


It is one of the epidermic problem our society is facing, mostly here in nigeria. It affects and destroys the lives of people especially the youth of nowadays in our country.youth of nowadays are engaged in cult activities without even realising that it has negative effect on them.
Cult activities are commonly practiced in the higher institutions i.e universities, polytechnics, college of education even in secondary schools.
Cult members are addicted to the taking of some harmful drugs e.g heroines, cocaine, Indian hemps and so on which gradually damages and destroys their internal organs or immune system.

These drugs shorten their life span and make them liable to death.
Cult members are vandals, they are deliberately destroys the live of people and properties,cult members cannot carry out any activities on his/her own because they abide strictly by oath of the groups outside their wishes. The youth have limitation of freedom.

Cultist have low rate of reasoning about what and who to become in the nearest future,"they are not honoured in the public , they are only honoured in their groups".youth of nowadays are distracted by cult activities, they always think of getting more rank in their groups without even going after their goal or achieving their goal in life.**

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Cultist are the idles hands of the devil's workshop. when the youth are into cult groups, they don't have the opportunity to leave their groups peacefully, and if any insist on leaving , he/she may be killed because they have limited rights.

Cultism does not only lead to endangering the lives of the youth but also washes a lot of previous time that could have been reasonable things.

In conclusion, the government should tackle this epidermic problem and eradicate or reduce the number of cultism in Nigeria or in our society.

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