Concentrating on the Most Important Things

How do I concentrate on most important things in my life. For the questions we have to look at important things in my life. ...Let's start,

When it comes to identify the things those are important to me, I really look at my needs first, then, Those things somehow relating with my needs become important to me. Example is, when I need to go somewhere I use to travel on my motorcycle.

So My need is to go somewhere and bike's need is petrol and other works with it. These other things also become important whenever I have to use my bike. But these are not most important things in my life. There are much other works and jobs I do like video editing, photo editing, writing and drawing. For all these works I need some related things.

Priority, it comes in line, we can not say yes to any other thing when we have important one.
Just like whenever I work at home, the work of any kind. I give priority to that work instead of others. As I do not use steemit much, I don't go outside. First I complete the work, at home.

When I am having the most important business and work in my life. I just do things related to the business. I give importance to the work which is important to me. Because im the going time, this is important business in my life. So I shared my writing, my other skills with platform....

Why not there are some difficulties we face while choosing important things. But it is very less often happen with me. As I said I just do things. Whenever I feel something and work is important I don't care about other works at the moment. I just focus on the first one and do it till last. Then I choose new one.

Here we can face difficulties in our works, in choosing our works. We can face difficulties for our important things. But no matter just we have to set one goal for the purpose and we have to select one work at the time.

When we are having multiple kinds of important things in our life, we can differentiate those most important things. We can prioritize important things first, and then important things second. As sometimes we do many works at one time, but we specially focus on the works, which is most important than others.

This is usual when we are doing many things at one time, it's is difficult to concentrate on the different things at one time. I do prioritize the work I am doing at the time, and I left using and doing other things. So my concentration become as clear as mirror. Then I focus and concentrate on that one important job I am doing and complete it with my 100%.