Ori and the Blind Forest - Sunken Glades.


I'm about to talk about another chapter of Ori and the Blind Forest and this chapter is called Sunken Glades.

My Gameplay on YouTube.

I published the gameplay on YouTube that you can watch from here.

This chapter is where Ori will start getting power and learn to use them and the path ahead is dangerous fill with dangerous elements and monsters. I need to be careful so the poor soul don't go away again.

And the BGM gets a little creepy from this point.

Screenshot (2).png

So I have 3 limited health that I need to take care of.

Once I jump down, I can't jump over again cause everything seemed to high for the tiny character even after I had an option to jump higher. And I got this option to jump down through platforms so I kept going down to see what I find forward.

Screenshot (3).png

I was curious about these thorny things as they were throwing lights away so I got close and I lost a health. So I chose the other way.

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

This other way was also dangerous. That lake was poisonous so I better not touch it and I jumped over the logs to avoid being touched by the poisonous water.

Screenshot (6).png

After passing the lake, I've found a life shard, I mean the health that I lost. So I can fill the health by finding these life shards on the way.

Screenshot (7).png

After walking furthermore, I've found this energy cell. The energies are used to create a soul link and save the game. So I can't save the game if I don't have an energy but I can save the game anytime I wish to if I have an energy and I tried saving the game at that point and it worked perfectly.

Screenshot (8).png

I kept walking forwards and suddenly something was coming towards me from behind and as I jumped, that thing passed me and hit the blocked rocks and it was destroyed by the those rocks and I've found the way as well.

Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (10).png

Scavenging the dead body of that creature, I've found some spirit light that'll gain me ability point and I've also found an energy shard that restore power of Ori's energy cells.

Screenshot (11).png

The narrator was narrating that Ori found what was lost deep in the forest and out of curiosity with this narration, I went down this big log to see if there's anything I should look for.

Screenshot (12).png

And I've found this small spirit light container. Spirit light containers helps Ori to quickly gain ability points.

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (14).png

After walking a bit forward, I was at the end of the road and there I've found a tiny light that I needed to pick. When I picked the tiny light, Ori was covered with light.

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (16).png

It looks like I revived something named Sein by picking up the tiny light and Sein is the light and the eyes of the spirit tree.

Sein was lost in this glen and it can now guide me on my journey if I allow it to come.

Screenshot (18).png


As soon as I got Sein with me, there was a monster came to attack me and using the spirit flame, I defeated the monkey monster although it took a health from me but I regained the health after defeating it.

Screenshot (19).png

I gained an ability point as well and I got the option to create a soul link and access the ability tree.


Then there came another monkey monster that I defeated and I got the option to create soul link and access the ability tree.

Screenshot (20).png

Screenshot (21).png

So this is the ability tree that I can use to unlock abilities using ability points. I had one ability point and I unlocked quick flame ability.

Screenshot (24).png

Screenshot (25).png

Then Sein showed me a map that I can use to go to places if I'm lost. And I think Sunken Glades is in Hollow Grove.

Screenshot (26).png

Now I got a new objective of finding the spirit tree. So I started running the way I just came to find it and now that I have Sein and I'm discovering new things, I think I'll discover new things on the old path.

Screenshot (27).png

The thorny light where I lost my first health is now mine to take. Using the spirit flame, I destroyed those things and I've found abilities, energies from them. Now I see new monsters on the way.

Screenshot (28).png

And I got this element that help me jump even higher, its like a pumping bag or something that throws you away.

Screenshot (30).png

Now I could go to places where I couldn't before and I kept discovering those places.

Screenshot (31).png

And I've found a keystone that are used to open spirit gates but to open a spirit gate may require a different number of keystones.

Screenshot (32).png

And By the way, I have the option to grab and move certain objects that blocks some way or they may be helpful for an extra support when its time to jump somewhere.

Screenshot (35).png

Screenshot (36).png

I've found a spirit gate that I opened using the keystone and it looks like I went to another level although maybe that's not the thing.

Screenshot (37).png

I've found this place that shows three ways and it looks like I'm from Black Root Burrows and there are Hollow Groove and Spirit Caverns on two ways.

Screenshot (38).png

Screenshot (39).png

I tried going to Hollow Grove but it looks blocked so I returned and went towards Spirit Caverns and I've found a life cell on the way that will increase my survivality.

So, It's all that I wish to talk about today. I'll come talk about another very soon and Spirit Caverns is next.

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All the in-game screenshots are taken by me.


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