Ori and the Blind Forest - Swallows Nest.


So after started talking about this game back in Dec '22, I went AWOL till today and now that I'm coming back, I wished to come back talking about the first episode of this game.

I'm about to talk about the very first chapter of Ori and the Blind Forest and this chapter is called Swallows Nest.

I shared the gameplay of this chapter in YouTube at December '22 and then I became so busy that I couldn't come back for all this time.

My Gameplay on YouTube.

I published the gameplay on YouTube that you can watch from here.

Actually the game starts here and I was at the game menu then I chose the first empty slot for my game and the game was started.

Screenshot (1).png

The game started with this fantastic graphical scenery (I'm using this picture as my desktop wallpaper for around last 4 months) and this beautiful scenery turned into darkness in a moment.

Screenshot (2).pngScreenshot (3).png

There was a heavy voice (let's call the voice as "Hri") saying they shall always remember the night when they lost Ori to the great storm.

Screenshot (4).png

Yeah that's Ori. I mean yeah that's a leaf of the tree but its not a normal leaf but a special one that has been lost in the great storm and this night was asked to be remembered.

The Ori I mean the leaf was flying on the stormy air along with many other leaves and there was a fantastic BGM that I liked too much and after all this time when I'm listening to the BGM right now while writing this post, it's still touches me.

Screenshot (5).png

There was this fat creature named Naru on the edge of the mountain seating with a sad face and Ori just passed though her and Naru noticed this.

Screenshot (6).pngScreenshot (7).png

Screenshot (9).png

Them Naru got up and I started walking towards the way where Ori flew as Naru. And Naru found the leaf on the ground that was lightening.

Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

And suddenly something happened with a big light and the leaf turned into a cute little creature looks like a pet cat and this pet is Ori.

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (14).png

Naru embraced Ori as a child of her own and now Naru is not alone anymore.

Screenshot (16).png

It's a new day and Ori got up from sleep. Now I can walk and wander around as Ori. Ori was inside a cave at that moment which is the home of Naru.

Screenshot (17).png

Screenshot (18).png

I walked out of the cave and started walking forward when there was another fantastic BGM happening in behind and I've found Naru.

Naru took Ori on her shoulder and started shaking a tree. Got a fruit from the tree and fed it to Ori. Then as Naru, I started walking forward to get more fruits.

Screenshot (19).png

Screenshot (20).png

From one side of the water, Naru pointed out Ori that there were trees full of fruits on the other side.

Screenshot (21).png

Now they need to make a bridge to go to the other side so Naru threw Ori to a pillar and they started building a bridge.

Screenshot (22).png

Screenshot (23).png

Screenshot (24).png

They worked throughout the night and took rest there as well.

Screenshot (25).png

And they've found the way to the other side and both of them ate a lot of fruits to their fullest.

Screenshot (26).png

On that fateful night, when the skies was lit ablaze, Hri (the heavy voice) called out to Ori. And I walked backwards holding some fruits as Ori.

Screenshot (30).png

Screenshot (31).png

On the way, Ori noticed a big lightning then Naru came running and took Ori and went inside the cave.

Screenshot (33).png

They stayed inside the cave when there was storm outside. I see they had a lot of fruits inside.

Screenshot (35).png

It looks like they passed some days in a blink and then Naru went out to get food for them.

Screenshot (36).png

The lightning was not there anymore when Naru looked for it.

Screenshot (37).png

Screenshot (38).png

Naru went to scavenge some foods but there were nothing on the trees.

Screenshot (39).png

And Naru noticed a few fruits on a tree and then she tried to get them but she fell from the tree and couldn't get them as they were on a higher space.

Screenshot (41).png


With a hungry stomach, Naru took a wasted fruit and gave it to Ori. Ori offered a part of the fruit but Naru didn't take it and went to sleep.

Screenshot (43).png

Screenshot (44).png

Then Ori went to the tree from where Naru failed to snatch the fruits.
Still hope showed its face and Ori grabbed some fruits.

Screenshot (46).png

Screenshot (47).png

Grabbing the fruits, Ori started to walk towards Naru and there I could see a flashback of them building the way to this side.

Screenshot (48).png

Screenshot (50).png

Ori walked all the way to the cave holding the fruits.

Screenshot (52).png

Screenshot (53).png

Ori reached Naru and offered her fruits but alas! it was too late. Naru was dead by this time and Ori became and orphan once more with no reason to stay there in the cave.

Screenshot (56).png

Searching for the light, so weak an so frail and when cries were met with silence and hope went astray, when Ori's strength faltered and the last breath was drawn


Screenshot (63).png

Ori died as well and Hri's light revived Ori, a new age had dawned.


Ori was revived and given a new health. Now its my responsibility to keep Ori walking and find its destiny.

This beginning story touched me real good and I was really sad about the death of Naru. I hope Ori will get a chance to revive Naru sometime soon.

It's all that I wish to talk about today. I'll come talk about the gameplay very soon.

Thanks for reading. If you like my post, please follow, comment and upvote me.
All the in-game screenshots are taken by me.


Yes, this game has beautiful cinematics, especially at the beginning. Orii's adventure through all this dark world is very good, I hope you can enjoy this game a lot! and please, be very careful, the forest is dangerous...


I'm enjoying this a lot for sure. And thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I see the forest is really dangerous with dangerous elements.


I'm really interested in the soundtrack of this game. Like I said, I bought this game and I'm going to play it with my girlfriend. Maybe this game will warm her up to the game world and we can play games together. Naru's death made me sad, I hope you can revive him.


So you haven't started playing it yet. I believe this game will warm her up for sure and you may find the closest gaming partner.

I also hope that Naru can be revived some time soon.


Welcome back.

I just checked the video you left in the post and I should say that I really loved the background music and the graphic.
What can I say about the story? The beginning part of the story looks real sad especially where Naru died.

Waiting to see what ori finds in the next chapter.


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