Ori and the Blind Forest - Spirit Caverns.


I'm about to talk about another chapter of Ori and the Blind Forest and this chapter is called Spirit Caverns.

My Gameplay on YouTube.

I published the gameplay on YouTube that you can watch from here.

This chapter is where Ori will start getting power and learn to use them and the path ahead is dangerous fill with dangerous elements and monsters. I need to be careful so the poor soul don't go away again.

Screenshot (2).png

I've found this Spirit Gate that was not opening cause it needed two stones when I didn't even have a single one. So I got look for the stones now.

I started discovering the part beneath this door which was fool of creatures that was waiting to take away the poor soul of Ori. I tried to be careful while fighting them.

Screenshot (3).png

Then I've found this map stone which is one of the many ancient markers created to chart the forest of Nibel as it grew. The map stone has a missing piece. We might be able to repair if if we can find the map stone fragment.

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

Then I kept discovering new places where there were enemies and thorns waiting for me to kill me, I mean Ori.

Screenshot (11).png

I've found an Ancestral Tree that was left behind. Needed to go closer and feel the light of Fil and the spirit inside.

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (13).png

I absorbed the light by interacting with the ancestral tree.

Screenshot (14).png

And whoo, I've learned Wall Jump. Now it'll get more fun as I can go further to upwards.

Screenshot (16).png

Ori was climbing the walls like spider-man. And yeah it was fun for sure as I feel stronger now.

Screenshot (18).png

Now I ran through the places that I couldn't before without the wall jump. And I've already found both keystones to open the spirit gate.

Screenshot (19).png

Screenshot (20).png

There was a switch that I interacted with and that log went downwards.

Screenshot (21).png

And I've found a map stone fragment that I could use to unlock a new are map but to do so, I needed to return to the map stone.

Screenshot (22).png

Screenshot (23).png

I returned to the map stone and after inserting the map stone fragment, unlocked a new area map.
Then I ran through almost the whole place over and over again just to find where I needed to go, I even went to the place from where I've found the attacking spirit.

I was not noticing the map properly otherwise I might not have to waste all this time.

Screenshot (24).png

Screenshot (25).png

Well, I was on the right path after all and the path got more dangerous. I was dying again and again while trying to get to the other side.

Screenshot (26).png

And I've found this final gate that needed 4 stones when I didn't have any as I used the two stones in the other gate already.

Screenshot (27).png

Screenshot (28).png

Now I needed to look for the stones and it was really a tough job and some stones were at a place that I thought I couldn't go. But at last I got hands on all the stones.

And I opened the gate.


Now I was on top of the map and it was the finishing of this map.

Screenshot (31).png

Then I ran to the point that had the light and the narrator started talking and narrating something.

Screenshot (36).png

Screenshot (37).png

This is the story of Sein being stolen by Kuro, a crow.

Screenshot (40).png

Screenshot (43).png

Kuro stole Sein from a spirit tree and threw it far away.


Screenshot (52).png

Now a whole new map named Thornfelt Swamp was unlocked for me. And this is probably the second chapter of this game. I'm happy that I finished the first one.

So, It's all that I wish to talk about today. I'll come talk about another very soon and Spirit Caverns is next.

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All the in-game screenshots are taken by me.


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