Ligue 1 - Playday 2 - Latest results



Ligue 1 - Playday 1
Lorient 1 - 0 Monaco
1 penalty kick was enough to get 3 points tonight and it goes to Lorient.
Monaco is much less efficient at scoring compared to last year, they collected a single point in 2 games so far.

Lille 0 - 4 Nice
OUCH ! Defending champion is struggling to defend anything, 7 goals against in 2 games.
They could miraculously save a point last week but tonight they were absolutely nowhere.
Trailing 2 goals behind after 5 minutes, they couldn't pretend to come back.

Paris-SG 4 - 2 Strasbourg
A first goal after 3 minutes which could have been ruled out for offside, a red card a bit strict (but justified) and you have a controversial win for PSG as a result.
Anyway PSG is adding some buffer points against their biggest contenders, at that pace there won't be any fight for a title this year.
Neymar and Messi still not playing...

Angers 3 - 0 Lyon
And another one bite the dust... Lyon is also on a lame start.
Plus they are trying to oust their defender Marcelo, usually crisis is knocking at Lyon's door around October, apparently a bit earlier this year.

Reims 3 - 3 Montpellier
That's a draw but what a game !
5 goals during the first half, Montpellier took the lead, then Reims, then Montpellier again !
Finally Reims could get the draw after a goal from a good Kebbal (83').
Remember the duo Laborde-Delort last year ? Well they are still here and still scoring.

Brest 1 - 1 Rennes
The derby from Britanny !
No winner but a good game where Brest could snatch the draw in additional time (90+1').

Clermont 2 - 0 Troyes
That's exciting, promoted Clermont is now at the top of the rankings with 2 wins in 2 games.
Their best scorer added 2 goals and is now top scorer with 3 goals.
To be noted that Troyes played with a player less for more than an hour after Kabore was sent out.

Nantes 2 - 0 Metz
Nantes is showing a much better side of them compared to last season.
That was 6 games without win Ligue 1 before this one.

Lens 2 - 2 Saint-Étienne
Plenty of goal chances on both side, they could have both win this game.
But at the end there's no winner and they have to share the points ;)
Khazri seems hot and might score a lot again this season.

Marseille 2 - 2 Bordeaux
Payet is also starting this season pretty well, he scored again tallying 3 goals in 2 games.
But that wasn't enough for Marseille, we thought they'd done the difficult part of the job being 2 goals ahead at half time.
But Bordeaux came back with much better intentions after the break and could draw this game.

Next game on Friday 20th August:
Ligue 1 - Playday 3
Brest - Paris-SG

Next game on Saturday 21st August:
Ligue 1 - Playday 3
Monaco - Lens
Saint-Étienne - Lille

Next game on Sunday 22nd August:
Ligue 1 - Playday 3
Lyon - Clermont
Strasbourg - Troyes
Metz - Reims
Montpellier - Lorient
Bordeaux - Angers
Rennes - Nantes
Nice - Marseille


let me first appreciate for the simple summary you have made.

concerning Lille, honestly i am really disappointed in their performance because i expect them to perform better than what they are doing right now. If Nice who are having four different players injured are still defeating them 4-0 at this early stage of the season i think it is really a bad thing. i wonder how the team want to cope when they play team like PSG who are now having world class Messi in their team.

talking about PSG, though they won but i am also disappointed in their performance as well. they hardly win on clean sheet level. they always concede goal which i think is very bad. if they concede and play team that are very good defensive wise it wont be funny that they will loose the match.

i think PSG needs to solve the defensive issue but let see what will happen when Ramos play for the team. i am sure the squad will have a different shape. the truth is that the team needs to learn how to keep clean sheet.