We are the one that can turn the wheel on - @ecotrain's QOTW.


Personal development?
Climate change?
Any improvement in society?

Whatever you name it, everything starts with us.

No matter how much we deny but we are part of the big game. Now it's our choice whether we want to be an active player or work like nothing happens and accept the negativity.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. – Eldridge Cleaver

This is what I believe. So whenever something bothers me, my mind automatically reminds me to think if I'm part of the problem. If I find the answer affirmative, I try to minimize it or whatever I can.

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I'm not trying to prove myself. Rather I believe this should be our way of action.

Not everything will come closer to eyes, not everyone will point out to us what's the problem. Sometimes unknowingly we create the problem. That's why checking out with ourselves is necessary. This simple act makes us act in a more responsive way.

But as @ecotrain said, this behavior comes from many things like our education system, culture ie.

I can give example with one simple thing.

One of my friends who used to study in military school is very disciplined. He never spits on the street, never throws away food. Like something that we all do sometimes but he never does that. We sometimes talk about it like how his institution helped him to establish that mindset and see the big picture.

He is one of my inspirations and to be honest, whenever I do something wrong like not using the garbage can properly, my mind reminds me of him.

Maybe I'm going out from the discussion. Anyway, what I meant to say is,

We can act, from our end by putting intentional effort. It's very possible to change our way of action and see the bigger picture. No matter what it is, self-development or climate change, like I said earlier, we can train our mindset to turn the action wheel.

Remember, our small positive actions can bring huge change.

Thanks for reading my post.