Why do I believe crypto is reliable and has a long-term store of value in terms of investment?


There is still doubt about crypto. At least I get to see a lot of negative impressions about the major coins. And people don't even believe all the other altcoins and tokens. Although the crypto investor is growing every day.

But the problem is if anyone talks about investing in crypto on top of other investments people fear. I know the reason but it's the ear of information. We can always keep ourselves updated and make a different plan, isn't it?

I can proudly say that my major portion of the investment is in crypto. To be honest, I don't earn a lot from them compared to what I can get from trading. But they are my long-term investment.

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There's no argument that the field of crypto is continuously expanding. It's the next-gen revolution of major industries. Meta is a perfect example of that. And because it's can't be printed or seized, cryptocurrencies may also provide a safe store of value. Look at NFTs and you will get the answer. The recent economic change showed us the power play of money. As crypto is something that has a limited supply and is capped by mathematical algorithms it's highly unlikely that any political body or government agency can dilute its value through inflation or control the crypto economy.

Many say that digital currencies are the future of daily life usage. So it's better to own some and start investing in such things.

There are many examples of early adopters of crypto as a currency. I believe this is the beginning. The question comes down to How reliable is crypto? I truly believe that except for Initial Coin Offerings ("ICOs") crypto is mostly safe. If anyone can invest a good amount of time researching where to invest and the market, they can get a good idea. Remember, there's always a safe way.

However, we need to keep in mind that cryptocurrencies remain highly speculative and the major problem is it's highly unlikely that crypto will be mainstream anytime soon. Moreover, learning about the security protocol, not getting hyped about new coins, and taking the time to consult with professionals should always be our priority.

What do you think?

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