How we belittle freedom

08/2/2022 was supposed to be like every normal day in my life, I woke up early to get ready for work, did my normal morning routine, while i was trying to prepare breakfast my house was getting hot so i decided to open my door to let the smoke out and that was when it all happened, my door refused to open ladies and gentlemen, at first I thought it was a minor hitch that I could fix by myself, I kept on trying to open it but to no avail that was when it dawned on me that the previous night I had mistakenly slammed the door so hard, so the lock was jammed and the door refused to open again.
The more I tried to forcefully open the door, the more I damaged the lock, oh boy I was panicking already, this was the first time something like this was happening to me and I had no idea of how to free myself.

I quickly called my neighbour for help, he tried all his best but the door still didn’t budge and he was already running late for work.

He kept on trying till he had to give up and to go call a welder to come open the door because the door is an iron door but the welder was not around but he promised to come later in the day, ladies and gentlemen I was trapped in my own house, nowhere to go to, the place was hot, there was power outage, my phone battery was almost dead, I was frustrated and sad.
While I sat down on my bed thinking about my life, I thought about how people who have been kidnapped before or are still held hostage, how they felt.

Here I was trapped in my own house and feel very uneasy and frustrated how much more people who were abducted and kept in buildings or rooms that scared the life out of them, how did they feel? How?

They were not just abducted,some of them were beaten mercilessly, some of the ladies were violated, some died of starvation and not to mention the huge sums of money that were extorted from their family members, what about those victims whose family had no penny attached to their names, how did they free themselves, by paying with their lives?

At that moment i was grateful that me, my family and loved ones have not experienced anything like that.
A friend of mine was recounting a story of how her uncle who resided abroad was coming back to Nigeria after many years, since he hadn't been around for a long time he had to buy so many things for his family members, so yes he came back with lots and lots of goodies, a big party was thrown to celebrate his return home on that fateful day everyone and everything was set except that the person they were throwing the welcome party for did not show up.

What was happening the family thought, not until they got a strange call from a strange number and they understood what was happening, their beloved uncle whom they threw this grand party for was not coming back to them that day.
This came as a big shock to the whole family, the whole atmosphere changed immediately.

My friend's family had to pay through their teeth before their uncle was released and when he was released they took everything from him except his passport and that was after much begging.

Shocking right?, these and more are what kidnapped victims go through.

Funny how we take things like freedom for granted, the fact that we can move around, go to places we want to go to freely without any restriction is a big blessing if you ask me.

My heart goes out to every kidnapped victim, I cannot even imagine what you went through when you were held hostage, but I am sure that you will get over everything, you will heal completely and you will move on from everything that happened.

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I can't imagine either! I'm sorry you got locked in your house, but it has given you a different perspective to write this post. It's made me stop and think as I'm sure it has others as well. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!


it has given you a different perspective to write this post.

Yes it inspired me to write this post, i literally wrote it when i was still locked up in my house.

Thank you for your kind words @elizabethbit