My Pet Is The Three-Colored Fur Cat


Hello pet lover friends wherever you are, I hope all of you are always fine, today I am back in front of your eyes to share some of my pictures and stories about pets and of course I will share with you my pet, which is a cat.


My pet

The cat is an animal that is very much found everywhere, as for talking about cats, of course, he has various species that exist in this world, there are various kinds of beautiful cats that we often see everywhere, some are commonly referred to as Angora cats and others. However, I don't keep an Angora cat because the price of an Angora cat is also a little more expensive in my area, Indonesia, so with the limited money I have, I end up keeping a lot of cats in my house, but today I will show you one of the cats I keep.


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~

Seeing my cat today of course you will wonder what the name of the cat is, now I will tell you that my cat's name is Marmy, and it sounds very strange and funny, yes it's true I didn't think long when giving the name of the cat. this cat because I was late in naming this cat even when he was an adult I just named him so whatever I named him he always didn't care until finally I tried to name him Marmy and he turned out to be a little sensitive to that name until at this time her name is Marmy.

Marmy's age is still very young and she can be said to be my cat which is very unfortunate because Marmy's mother doesn't care anymore even though she is still very young, when Marmy's mother disappeared for the first time when she was only two months old, Marmy should have still drinking milk from his mother but because his mother didn't care about him anymore until finally I took good care of him and I fed him well and whatever really made him full I always gave the best for him.


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~

Marmy's attitude can be said to be very spoiled because he always follows me wherever I go, you can even say he thinks of me as his mother, but I'm a human, not a cat hehe, of course he thinks of me as his mother because I always feed him and spoil him so it's okay. he should always follow me wherever I go but when I travel far away I don't take him and I leave him at home with my mother, and my mother also really likes to take care of this Marmy, and I am very grateful for that because when I am not at home there is my mother who really likes to feed him.

I am very impressed with Marmy's attitude because he is very regular with the rules to himself, when he defecates he goes to his usual place and he also sleeps in the place that I have prepared, every day he always does it so it is very regular and can even he said he really understands whatever he needs to do that doesn't bother me, in the morning he always wakes up first than me, around 5 in the morning he heard his voice behind my bedroom door, and I woke up immediately because when heard a voice behind my bedroom door usually he was hungry and asked for food so I immediately rushed to the kitchen looking for special food for him and I put it where I usually give him food after he ate some food he went back to bed again, I was right -really don't understand why he always sleeps after eating again and at 7 am he wakes up and leaves the house to look for some small animals for him to eat, every day I see his behavior like that.


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~

Today I went to the garden which is close to my house, so of course he was with me until I thought about this beloved community and immediately at that moment I took some pictures of him with my cellphone camera, for the cellphone I used when photographing Marmy this is a Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra and as you can see today I took a photo from a variety of different angles, now to beautify the image that I shared a bit, I edited the image using the Android application too, namely Mobile Lightroom and the results of the image are as you can see today. I hope you like this.


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~


~ ©2022 Original Photo Portrait By : @idayrus ~

Alright friends, maybe today that's enough for my pet story, and I apologize if there are word mistakes in my writing, I hope friends like my story today until we meet again in my next post.

NOTE : I write in Indonesian with the help of Google to translate to English

Camera UsedHandphone
ModelSamsung S20 Ultra
LocationHome Yard In Aceh
Software EditingMobile Lightroom

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