The Daily LEO #238 | Tether Holds $1.7B Excessive Funds & $500K Arbitrum Fees Earned on LPs


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Exclusive-JPMorgan, Citi, BofA tell staff not to poach clients from stressed banks - memo, sources

The faith in the banking system is at risk. People do not feel secure when they have their savings in the banks. The "too big to fall" banks warn their employees not to attract clients from the risky and smaller banks as it may not end up well ...

These tech giants are still making money, but layoffs are coming hard and fast

The global uncertainties and raising inflation made the Tech giants layoff their stuff for the sake of "financial stability". Interestingly, though the giants are in profit, the layoff trend may continue ...

Arbitrum, Ether Liquidity Providers Earn $500K From ARB Airdrop

The Arbitrum airdrop has been the hottest topic in crypto. Many Arbitrum investors earned thousands of dollars with the distribution of tokens. However, they are not the only ones who made decent amounts. The ARB - ETH liquidity providers earned a half million ...

USDT issuer Tether has up to $1.7B in excess reserves, CTO says

Stablecoin issuers have to prove they are solvent and their funds correspond to the printed stablecoins in 1:1 ration. In a single case of FUD, like in USDC case, the market may react abnormally. Tether stated that they have $1.7B excessive reserves ...

Web3 Studio Overlord Taps Dan Houser-Backed Revolving Games to Build NFT Game

Considering the potential to turn every in-game assets into blockchain-based tokens and NFTs, the blockchain gaming industry is still infant. The game developers are slowly but firmly joining the trend to grab their piece in the pie. GameFi will be revolutionary ...

Everything You Need To Know About The HBD Haircut Rule And The Latest Updates| The Biggest Risk For The HBD Price

Hive-backed Dollar, HBD, is the stablecoin of Hive ecosystem which is backed by HIVE. The stablecoin provides 20% APR for staking in Hive Savings. What are the dynamics of HBD? Time to explore !


Hive: Author of the Week initiative

There is a new initiative by LeoFinance and other popular Hive communities to onboard new people on Hive ecosystem via Proof of Share mechanism. Best articles in communities will be supported Explore Social-Fi on Hive ...

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